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Home Automation Prototype - Expectations

Lets try and chalk down the expectations from a typical home automation system. The system in consideration is a prototype that should be able to work seamlessly in a local home environment. 579 more words

Home Automation

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Silence is Golden

‘I pray to you, O Lord, my rock. Do not turn a deaf ear to me. For if you are silent, I might as well give up and die’ 484 more words

Saved by a turbah

It’s been a while since my trip to Iran now, still I can not stop thinking about this little episode that happened to me when I was going in to see the crown jewels of Iran. 645 more words


The flipside of Occam's razor

“‘[E]ntities must not be multiplied beyond necessity.'”  Per Wikipedia, September 17, 2014. A principle variously stated, generally along the lines of the simplest explanation is preferred over the more-complex one. 90 more words


Is your business data & your customer’s information secure?

Today, companies of all sizes are facing increasing pressure to protecting their information assets while adhering to continuously evolving compliance requirements.  Customers, business partners, and auditors are demanding objective evidence that security controls are in place to protect information. 173 more words