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Surgery Day

As my surgery date approached, I had all kinds of emotions…. excitement, fear, hope….  I would imagine being able to ski, run a marathon, climb a flight of stairs without pain.   549 more words


Propofol anesthesia during colonoscopy

Louis Y. Korman, MD from the Metropolitan Gastroenterology Group, Chevy Chase Clinical Research, in Washington, D.C. discusses his recently published Original Article “Effect of propofol anesthesia on force application during colonoscopy.” 322 more words


Sedation and cataract surgery: A case for continuous electronic monitoring

By Michael Wong

“Inexplicably left alone.”

That, according to Jury Verdict Review & Analysis, is what happened to 68-year-old Marie Golubski after she was prepped and intravenously sedated for cataract surgery in June 2010. 427 more words

Patient Safety

An Experienced Sedation Dentist in Kelowna Can Ease Your Dental Fears

IV sedation dentistry in Kelowna has become a popular way to stymie dental fears. Just like surgery, you are put to sleep by anaesthesia with no recollection of the procedure. 91 more words

When your caree is not acting like your caree

      “STOP, Please read this before continuing” Pain medications and their side effects vary from person to person, so please if your reading this and you’ve never had to take any of    the medications mentioned here in “ 1,071 more words

April 2014

One moment at a time!!!

I am finding out moment by moment that I am capable of handling just about anything.  That no matter how bad the crisis seems, we will get through it okay.   1,520 more words


Day - 12 Distress tolerance....

The last week in the clinic has been full on. Not for me personally, but for the staff and other patients. I shall summarise.

8 patients have been forced to leave. 1,221 more words

The Triple D