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The Benj is Back!

I am thoroughly and absolutely delighted to tell you all that Benjamin the gorgeous old gerbil pulled through his sedation and is back home recovering! 109 more words

Dentist in Scranton PA: Sedation for Redheads No Different from Others

Will redheads need more sedation from a dentist in Scranton, PA or Dallas, PA?

If some reports are to be believed, yes they will. A few studies have indicated that, thanks to their melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R) gene, redheads require 20 percent more sedative than normal. 54 more words

Our Buddy Benjamin

So soon after losing adorable gerbil Jaq we have another calamity. Old man Benjamin is at the vet with what we think is a mouth abscess. 53 more words

Remimazolam. Future sedative

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(yes it’s a cross between remifentanyl and midazolam). It’s a GABA-alpha agonist (midazolam) with the pharmocokinetic properties of remifentanyl. It metabolizes independent of the liver or kidneys and wears off in 7-8 minutes. 24 more words

New Research



From the NEJM Critical Care review series: Sedation and Delirium in the Intensive Care Unit. N Engl J Med 2014; 370:444-454

4.1 Prescribes Drugs And Therapies Safely

Are you Afraid of the Dentist?

Does the sound of the dentist’s drill wake you up in the night? Do you put off your dental appointments for as long as humanly possible? 328 more words



I remember in medical school discussing sedating patients – not in a pre-op kind of way – and the ethical considerations of such an action. I remember clearly thinking that I would not be someone who just sedated someone, who always tried to counsel someone, understand their views, try and work around a problem. 325 more words