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Counting sheep by Daphne Jaaback

To sleep ,perchance to dream

Sleep does need a scheme

Some  do  count the sheep

A seamless dream to reap

Another plan have I

As in bed I lie… 74 more words


Smiles Should be Painless

Sedation dentistry has afforded our office the opportunity to welcome in a large number of patients that had previously stayed away from the dentist for a long long time. 578 more words


It’s not uncommon to experience some nervousness in the dental chair before having a dental procedure performed. Unfortunately, some patients are literally terrified of the dental chair and don’t get the treatment they need because of debilitating fear. 325 more words

Female Dentist

Topic 3: Super Pretentious People.

I know far too many people that think the world really shines out of their ass.
Like why on earth are you better than me ? 210 more words

Anesthesia - Sharp Curve Ahead

— December 2013 —

If I was to recap my experience during my previous egg retrieval in one sentence… it would be- Never, ever, again. It really wasn’t supposed to be this bad. 824 more words


Those Pesky Wisdom Teeth

The last significant event in the development of the mouth and jaws is the arrival of third molars, commonly known as “wisdom teeth”.  The first appearance of the wisdom tooth buds occurs anywhere from age 13 to 16 and the roots and teeth complete their development by the age of 17 to 20.   704 more words

Philadelphia Sedation Dentist: Getting to the Root of Dental Anxiety

Whichever may be the case for you, the fact remains that people today can rest easy (both literally and figuratively) in the dentist’s chair, thanks to innovations like sleep dentistry in Philadelphia and in other places. 29 more words