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Perhaps if you have visited Wheeler National Park in Colorado, than you know what if feels like to suddenly be transplanted onto Mars. The same auspicious feeling occurs when entering into Sedona. 330 more words

Sedona & Bosque del Apache

In early January, I will be heading to Sedona and then across to Bosque del Apache NWR, NM. I am looking forward to the trip and hoping for great photos.   199 more words


On Winter Dreams & Slow Writing

If it’s true we all face death in the winter, a shortening of days, the long nights, is it also true we strive against it, moving nonstop in some mad attempt to make the most of each day, to feel we have lived it, and if that is too impossible a feat, that at least we have accomplished something? 674 more words


What is life all about? I think I've finally scratched the surface..

My journey to find myself got kicked into high gear around this time last year. A fairly long relationship came to a screeching halt, I had just turned 33 and was childless and never married, and what exactly was I gonna be when I grew up anyway? 282 more words



We had the blessing of spending twelve days in Sedona this year. Magical and relaxing, I didn’t want to leave.


Illusions - In Three Acts

Act 1

Perhaps a fun-filled weekend adventure to Vegas would do what the meds and counseling hadn’t achieved. Maybe it would move the needle on my depression. 518 more words