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A Fresh Start

To start of my blog, I wanna share the most incredible, exhilarating and life changing experience I have ever had. I want to share the story of the moment I have been waiting for for my entire life. 115 more words

Rita Ora's Cleavage

Greetings, Dude Ranchers. Today, we are angry. Angry because there are people in this world who don’t like cleavage. 146 more words

Dude Stuff


Their shirts hung see-through to their chests, like they’d been doused in water. Mud seeped around their boots, when they stepped from one place to another, puddles forming in their footprints, their steps heavy as the mud held their boots like suction cups.


Blinding Image Slower

I apologize in advance for the long antenna from the car in the middle of the photo. (If you did not notice it, wonderful). Otherwise, I wondered to myself possibly how could the driver of this precise car can see. 226 more words