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"True Story" Trailer Talk!!!

Okay so we knew Jonah Hill could be natural in any character (two Oscar nominations have proved it) but as he takes center stage it’s never been more clear. 129 more words

Das Sehen ist..

Seeing is…

Stopping for a moment;

Keeping for a moment



To listen

Das Sehen ist…

ein Moment anzuhalten;

Für ein Moment

Still zu bleiben, 6 more words

Vatican Library Digital Archiving Project

I believe that not every manuscript will be archived and publicised.

There are articles and documents that will shake the faith of many who believe in Catholicism; unpublished books of the Bible that are not in accordance with the 66 books of the official published Bible. 25 more words



Aloha, my dears.

I am in Honolulu. My plane touched down on this remote U.S. state just under eight hours ago. It’s taking me a while to get used to the summery weather, but I don’t mind the warmth and the sunshine. 50 more words


can't see the hidden

tension and built up fear

where is the front

and what is the center

and how it dares and its own spin

knowing all so well… 45 more words



Meet My Family and Friends!

Where Are They?

They’re talking on Facebook and tweeting on Twitter.
You can see them on instagram.
See their interests and them pinning on pinterest. 65 more words