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I do everything in Chamorro Wanna see? Men T-Shirt

Reviews I do everything in Chamorro Wanna see? Men T-Shirt for sale

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Honesty Hour

I don’t know if I’m afraid of everyone for changing or myself for refusing to adapt.

I’m caught with the dilemma of wanting to be liked but also wanting to be true to who I am, whom quite frankly, is not someone who will always be liked. 99 more words

Getting lost and finding flowers

Guess who’s been my neighbor this whole time… The Royal Botanical Garden of Edinburgh! Yes, according to Google Maps it’s only ten minutes of walking distance from where I live. 703 more words


Psalm 22:7

All who see me taunt me; they mock me and shake their heads.

“Look! There he goes! He’s another one of those stupid, intolerant Christians!”

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How do you see it?

Small children ask lots of questions. Researchers tell us that they ask about one hundred and twenty five probing questions each day. Adults only ask an average of six probing questions per day. 419 more words


Scared, I made the streaks.  I had to.  Making them, is me.  And then, when they saw, they didn’t understand.  The smears were for me, to tell them.   45 more words