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Catalyst Coop Walk Through: Part 2 of 4

Today I return from an amazing trip to Colorado with my daughters; back to the Idiocracy, but back with more than enough inspiration, vigor, and strength to communicate with the electrolyte growers and bling-bling Upgrade “authorities…” Inside jokes for those who recognize the movies in our real lives… 78 more words



I plant a seed in the earth
Beneath my window, mound
The soil like an upended bowl.

From my sill I feed it a tale of a plant… 126 more words


Get your Hearing Test Here


“He who hath ears, let him hear.” This statement can be found in conclusion of one of Jesus’ dissertations. He says, I want to do a sound check. 608 more words


Resurrection plants: surviving extreme dehydration

A withered little plant coming back to life after being watered.

Xerophyta viscosa

The resurrection plant Xerophyta viscosa belongs to the family Velloziaceae. Species of the genus Xerophyta occur in Brazil as well as southern Africa and Madagascar. 1,184 more words

Advanced Readers

What do field signs mean?

What Do Field Signs Mean?

It’s the last day of July and in central Illinois the crops look amazing.  The possibility of another record harvest is real and so it’s not surprising that farmers and input suppliers want to brag a… 453 more words


About salaah

Once you are praying to Him, you are in front of Him, you are near to Him, you are talking to Him, you are responding to Him in gratitude and you are asking for His forgiveness. 41 more words

one man's glut is another man's supper!

it’s been an incredible growing season – busy, sunny, warm and amazingly abundant thanks to my backyard allotment!

i realise i sound as if summer is over – and i have it on good authority that the ‘summer holidays’ have only just begun, (our little-boy is a pre-schooler so i live in a bubble that isn’t affected by term times) – but in reality there’s at least six weeks left to go before we start talking about the nights drawing in.  353 more words