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Homegrown Veggies - Chili and pumpkin

I am a fan of spicy flavors, so chili is one of the ingredients I use in almost every dish. To cultivate it is actually pretty easy, especially if you live in a hot climate with a lot of sun. 227 more words


Vandana Shiva, 'Seeds of Freedom'

Scientist and environmental activist Vandana Shiva has contributed a piece to the latest edition of Delhi’s The Asian Age (known as “India’s global newspaper”), entitled ‘Seeds of Freedom’ in which she discusses the reciprocal relationship between biodiversity and cultural diversity, specifically in the practice of seed planting which she now sees as threatened by the privatising practices of multinational agro-businesses such as Monsanto: 353 more words



Renewed garden plans – starting with tomato seedlings in the window.



Field Tripping in Palmer Farmlands

Friday, April 18th was the last day of AGRI 138, organic gardening, at MatSu College which I was sore about missing. Unfortunately I had taken a turn for the worse when hit by a bout of cafeteria food poisoning which was the last thing my friends or classmates would want to experience with me. 560 more words

Garden Class

Weaving old and new, Tobacco and Permaculture

Nicotiana tabacum has long roots, dating back to ceremonial and medicinal use by Native Americans. Once the new world was colonized it quickly grew to be a huge part of the early American economy and it’s use spread throughout the world. 328 more words


Woody's perennial visit

It was noon and I found myself trapped in my office surrounded by seeds. Bags of seed, bowls of seed, buckets, jars, baskets. There was hardly room to move. 623 more words

All aboard the Activation Train

I’ve hopped on too. How embarrassing. Poor Pete Evans copped a lot of flack in 2012 for activating his almonds, but now it seems to be the latest food trend, one that until recently I thought was a load of nonsense. 361 more words