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creation is a selfless selfie

the seeing of It:

the ripples and reflections
the surface and the cool depth
the sun-snatching edges and the calm continuo
the tones, textures, colours… 87 more words

Intimate Suchness

Will You Be Seeing Wedding Get Together In The Films?

This may possibly not come as a shock, but: we adore wedding videos. From classics like Father of the Bride to hilarious flicks like Wedding ceremony Crashers or Bridesmaids, weddings offer some of the very best backdrops for humorous, heartfelt, and relatable videos. 8 more words

The 32 Worst Things To Say When You First See Someone Naked

Found on AskReddit.


“Aww, look at it…it’s so cuuuute.”




“Turn the lights off." ”


“You need to get that checked out.”

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[Poem][Show Them]

Sit up straight,

or stand with perfect posture.

Never slouch,

and let anyone else see.

Keep your composure,

no matter what you are told.

Hold your tongue, 69 more words



I saw sparrows on a see-saw. They were having fun.


SATURDAY READING: The Art Of Seeing Things, by John Burroughs

From American Earth, edited by Bill McKibben


I do not purpose to attempt to tell my reader how to see things, but only to talk about the art of seeing things, as one might talk of any other art.   5,698 more words