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(Review) Arrow Season 2 Episode 20, Seeing Red

The action continues to build up as Arrow moves closer and closer to what is certain to be an amazing season finale. This episode is filled to the brim with intense moments and severe tension that will leave you wondering what to even do with yourself once the episode ends. 663 more words


Looking but not seeing

Once many years ago I lived in a house in the country. The field just beside my house lay fallow and overgrown with weeds, giving homes to a variety of wildlife including rabbits, raccoons, hedgehogs, and a variety of other animals that were usually unseen during the day, at least whenever I was around. 1,394 more words


Seeing and believing

Watching for the morning of April 27

Year A

The Second Sunday of Easter

Every year on the Sunday after Easter we hear of Thomas – Thomas who was absent that first Easter evening and did not see; Thomas, for whom the witness of the others is unable to bring him to faithful allegiance; Thomas who, in his unbelief, nevertheless remains a part of the community, giving him the opportunity to see; Thomas whom the risen Christ sees; Thomas who comes to see. 418 more words


The Power of Unseeing

There is a power in unseeing something. But remember, Power is not always good, especially in the case of unseeing. If you unsee a malicious gossiper, the power you exert in that exchange is good because you have used a power to keep a negative or bad thing from transpiring. 315 more words