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Putting The Pain in Painting

In to Paint is to Love Again I showed the start of the painting. I started with high ambition that it will work well but I end with a self-critical kicking as I see where it is failing. 550 more words


A Moment of Everything

Dan stopped to stand still on his way to the grocery store because he was enraptured by everything. He’d been walking quickly, but then he’d glanced up and his feet had slowed. 730 more words

Flash Fiction

Somewhere in Starkville

I keep this picture in plain sight at Talarico House.  It used to be buried in a book, but more recently it’s been out.  Sometimes on top of my knitting needle box, sometimes tucked into the top of my jewelry box.  512 more words


Expand your mind

I have a way by which I expand my mind – it’s satisfying, enjoyable and fantastic. I love the time I spend in a small movie house watching International films. 148 more words



He looked down to see a pool of blood. Thick, red, obtrusive.
What was really there: spilled beer. Thin, brown, unobtrusive.
His mind does funny things.