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Spirit y’all? - Stuart's journey

The second of our accounts of the journey so far….

Spirit y’all?

by Stuart France

‘Our own journey is entirely imaginary: that is its strength’ – Louis Ferdinand Celine… 636 more words


Jesus Christ Exiled From Most Christians

The title of this post is a quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Bonhoeffer came from a family of geniuses. His father was a professor of psychiatry and neurology. 274 more words


The Seeker Part 8

What was that trickling sound I thought I heard……perhaps my thirst was giving to dreams of desire……but I am sure that the trickling sound was real!! 589 more words

Around Here

Your Life Story (As Told To God)

God’s telling a story with your life. But at the same time He’s given you free will to write that story pretty much any way you want to. 376 more words


POETIC [ram-bling]

ram·bling 1. aimlessly wandering. 2. taking an irregular course; straggling: po·et·ic 1. possessing the qualities or charm of poetry: 2. of or pertaining to a poet or poets. 78 more words


the Seeker in me...

antsy. restless. i feel these words are weighted therefore i choose to express my feelings as….hopefull….excited…ignited…

my search has led me through the teachings of several spiritual leaders this year. 750 more words

Law Of Attraction

Being present, awake, open...

—Joan Tollifson

“Spiritual practice (the pathless path from here to here) boils down to something very simple.

Being present, awake, open.

Resting in the simplicity of what is. 76 more words

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