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When God Withdraws

Does God seem withdrawn this Christmas season? Do you seem distant from God? When God Withdraws.


"How can this be?"

“How can this be?” That was Mary’s question after the angel laid God’s plan out for her. As God nudges us or lays out plans before us to follow we might put it this way: “You want me to do what?” Okay I have to admit, I am not as eloquent as Mary. 492 more words

Seeking God

Wise Men Still Seek Him

While studying on the prophecies of Jesus and their fulfillment, I noticed something in the recording in Luke about Simeon and Anna.  There were those that were looking for redemption, hoping for, maybe praying for, anticipating and expecting the Messiah to come.  1,043 more words


The Truth about the various religions

Most people are searching for provable truths, but truth is often accompanied by serious pain and hardly anyone is looking for painful truth. People want something which makes them feel as though their lives have significance and meaning, which is where religion enters. 434 more words


I AM The Cure

Anxiety has become an epidemic of great proportion, but they treat the symptoms with a substance that will not cure, only pacify.

I want to heal them. 723 more words


Introduction to 'The Spiritual Transformation'

People around the world are struggling, torn between rampant materialism and spirituality. On one side they are bombarded by a flood of technological innovations, computers and communicating devices which connect them with anyone and almost anything in the world, and consumer goods becoming increasingly easier to obtain. 668 more words


Letter to God #4 -"Merely a Co-Pilot, With No Gift To Give" by Dana

This is Dana’s fourth “Letter to God”.  What a privilege to read these intimate letters to God.  I am blessed that she is willing to share these with me, and allow them to be on the blog.  543 more words

Jesus Christ