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When God Loves Us Enough to Hide From Us

Sometimes, it feels like we’ve been waiting on God for years. Even though we’ve been here just over three months, looking for a job has taken its toll on us. 280 more words


Starving My Spirit and Soul


When there are burdens so heavy as to crush my soul and I seem aimless in my prayers, not knowing what even to pray, I starve my own spirit and soul in order to expunge the clutter to hear His reply. 327 more words

Project 365

We Need Light!

It’s a fact. I don’t watch the news very often. I only skim a newspaper and rarely do I get caught up in the “hot topics” that surface on the web. 794 more words


Finding God in the Storm

My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?

We hear this well-known scripture verse at the cross, when the Earth was covered in darkness, and Jesus uttered these words moments before he surrendered his spirit and died. 958 more words

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Growing in Grace: Pausing for Purpose

Over the weekend I took a break from my writing. I made a choice to pause for a minute.

Have you ever been at a place where you were doing something over and over and over again, to the point where you almost forgot WHY you were doing it to begin with? 493 more words


7 Misconceptions about Prayer

As we continued journeying through the “Can You Hear Me Now?” series at Grace Community Church, I taught our congregation this past weekend about the response of Jesus when he was asked, “Would you teach us how to pray?”  In the message, “Great Expectations,” I review 7 common misconceptions about prayer, as well as the truth about prayer as taught us from Christ and the Scriptures.   135 more words


Growing The Mustard Seed

Well now, the blog’s been quite active today! I’m on fire for sharing His truth though, so it is what it is. ;)

I may have talked about this quite a while ago, but I really feel the need to speak on the importance of growing the little seed that we are given.   1,187 more words