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The Soul - Our Innermost Being

The consciousness of the individual has to move its dynamic position from its surface, mental being to the inner being and penetrate into and then become the Soul, because merely to live outside and to receive the leading of the Soul is not sufficient to bring about the spiritual transformation in us. 389 more words


Unrush me Lord; Help me Keep It Real!

While out walking today with my husband I looked up and noticed the sky was bright blue, the clouds were abundant, fluffy and bright white. Is it always this beautiful? 678 more words

In His Presence

In His Presence

Recently, I was reading in 2 Chronicles about the completion of the temple during the reign of King Solomon. This was the temple that David had longed to build for God, but that God had declared to be built during the reign of his son, Solomon. 1,272 more words


August 30th

Amos 5: 11 Therefore because you impose heavy rent on the poor
And exact a tribute of grain from them,
Though you have built houses of well-hewn stone, 1,780 more words


When God is Silent

We know that God whispers…the whisper of a baby born in a stable on a quiet December night…the whisper of a resurrected Lord appearing to a couple of women and a small group of disciples. 759 more words

Seeking God


Any individuals who embark on the path of spiritual transformation need to prepare themselves by first exerting increasing control over their own human nature – they must become masters of themselves and all that pertains to their physical and mental existence. 278 more words


What Amazed Jesus?

The One Thing That Astonished Jesus?

Can anyone amaze the God of the universe?

Yes, one thing.

You find it in a story about a centurion who sent slaves to Jesus to ask him to heal a servant(Matthew 8:5-13). 476 more words