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Writing Songs 'Bout Lonely Men in Crowded Bars

Lonely. It’s a different kind from what I’ve experienced before. Amidst the excitement of exploring what is for me uncharted territory, there are these moments of almost tangible loneliness, the weight of which I ponder nearly every solitary moment. 589 more words


Wandering into the Thorns?

AnOldSinner suffered from a form of writers’ block a few months ago. I would come up with an idea, write about half of the piece, and lock up. 996 more words


I don’t believe (in love)

It’s a wedding day. The bride and groom stand at the altar exchanging vows. Everyone is watching with eyes welling with tears. The words the bride and groom speak are pure, sincere, and lovely. 572 more words

On My Mind

Sunday July 27, 2014 Asking

God said, “Ask something of Me and I will give it to you.”  1 Kings 3:7

Solomon was a young man when God asked him in a dream what gift he would like bestowed upon him as he started his reign as king.  300 more words

New thing called Bubblews...

I came across an article on the days paper today, about this new social website that paid it’s users…and btw I have never-ever called anybody, an “attention-seeking bitch” but i think Bubblews deserves to be called one…the new social site that has caught everybody’s attention…the site that pays the users for the posts they upload on the site…brilliant concept?? 321 more words

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