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In the beginning...

I was once so certain that I knew the truth, that I saw the world as it truly was and understood my place in it. You can believe such things when you are a child, untroubled by the cares and challenges that this life has to offer, encircled by the love and protection of your family and God. 298 more words



“God in Christ is reversing everything Satan and Sin has ever done”

Exekiel 36 : 1 – 15

“Also, you son of man, prophesy to the mountains of Israel, and say, You mountains of Israel, hear the word of the LORD:…” 1,558 more words


Places I've Looked for Meaning

In a book,
in the fridge,
in your eyes,
at the edge,
at the altar,
in the sky,
on the mountain,
in the night,
in a song, 16 more words

Why Your Company Could Use Help fromAS9100 Certification Services

While seeking AS9100 certification is not really considered a necessity in the aerospace industry, obtaining the guarantee that your company has passed the standardized quality management system speaks volumes about the merchandise that your business produces. 86 more words

Spiritual Growth by Osmosis...?

Can I experience spiritual growth through osmosis? As in, just from having these types of books in my house? I’m kidding. Mostly. Haha.

I’m not sure why, but one day last week I raced through the house collecting these books from various shelves, tables and drawers. 667 more words


Stepping off that cliff (poorly written muddled plea)

From someone who suffers from debilitating depression, but who manages to always look as if everything is alright and under control.

When the dark clouds move in -seemingly swiftly, but in reality it’s a steady approach you try to outrun, and you feel the anxiety of wondering whether today is the day that the sun won’t rise..that moment when the suffocation that this is -it’s like you are wrapped in clear plastic, it’s when you want to give in and give up the fight..that inner voice, it is so horse and strained, tiny and weak, telling you. 643 more words

His Life Giving Word

Over the years, our love live can become dull and lifeless. We go through the motions and trudge along during the days. That “new… 118 more words