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Darwin at the feet of Jesus?

Hi, sweet reader.

(If you’re here in search of the service location/time/phone#, please check the end of this post.)

Tomorrow, we’re delving into a mighty question in church (and Christian Scientists & others around the world have been sitting with this question all week in prayer): … 657 more words


God is amazing! Last weekend I was in a sorry state of self pity. I really dislike that I am so weak and immature in my walk still. 394 more words


What Do You Find?

It seems that the whole world in incensed and offended these days. We see all that is insulting and rude, all that is vile and insensitive, and everywhere you turn you hear about how this thing or that is wrong. 340 more words

Bible Study

Haiku #30

Haiku #30

We live life seeking
what is lost in our descent
flowers have no questions


Today is a Good Day to Die

A satiny bed awaits me,
pearly white, with a prop for my head,
indigo drapes offering privacy,
comfort for eternal rest.

Today is a good day to die. 84 more words


Pause to Find Self-Awareness

Everywhere are conversations among people this week, “Are you ready for Christmas? I have so much to do. Not enough time to do it.”

We hurry from work to shopping to wrapping to parties to work. 238 more words


Nothin' But Seeking

Everyone has goals in life, but you never should let them get in your way of experiencing new and unique things. 348 more words

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