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The ZOMMA Warthog Index

Harry Long posted another article on SeekingAlpha. As usual, it’s another “looks amazing at first glance, and winds up being disappointing compared to first impressions, but is still worth talking about” types of strategies. 942 more words


Seeking Volatility and Leverage

So Harry Long recently posted several articles, a couple of them all that have variations on a theme of a combination of leveraging SPY (aka SPXL), leveraging TLT (aka TMF), and some small exposure to the insanely volatile volatility indices (VXX, TVIX, ZIV, etc.), which can have absolutely insane drawdowns. 2,382 more words


It's Amazing How Well Dumb Things [Get Marketed]

Recently, Harry Long posted not one but four new articles on Seeking Alpha called It’s Amazing How Well Dumb Things Work II. The last time I replicated a strategy by Mr. 1,224 more words


Subscriptions: The Essentials

There are few things worse than an email inbox cluttered with subscription spam, especially those you had no intention of signing up for, but there are two must-have daily pieces for the commute to work to stay informed. 225 more words