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Obama Finally Says Something Constructive

As much as I was skeptical when Obama was elected into office in 2008, the one thing I thought his presidency would do was take away excuses, and bring blacks into mainstream America. 216 more words

Ain't That The Truth

A True Comparison

HBO’s vampire series True Blood had an episode recently where vampires attacked conservatives at a Ted Cruz rally. While it may seem outrageous some observation were made that ring true. 37 more words

Ain't That The Truth

Honest Politician

I would vote for this guy just for being honest.

Ain't That The Truth

Anti Gun Movement Calls In The Experts.

Bloomberg must be running out of money if these guys are all he can afford.


Those Resourceful Russians

Here is a great hack if you are caught in a situation needing to open a can without an opener. Only problem I see is burning more calories than you will take in from what is inside.

Seems Legit