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Retro is Back: Retropalooza Celebrates Old School Fun

ARLINGTON – Every thing old was new again at Retropalooza 2014. The weekend-long event celebrates all the childhood classics: toys, music, video games and comics. 145 more words


TOP 10 SEGA Genesis Games of All-Time

TOP  SEGA Genesis Games:

1 – The Sonic Series

2 – Earthworm Jim

3 – Super Street Fighter 2

4 – Mortal Kombat 2

5 – Aladdin… 17 more words



How do you make something awesome, move it to arguably superior hardware, and then somehow make it worse?!!

This is the case with Batman: Revenge of the Joker, a carbon copy of the excellent… 522 more words


The Turbo Grafx is the Best Console Ever! Wait, Say What Now?

Long before the Xbox 360 went head-to-head against the Wii and PS3, another war raged.  The contestants: in one corner, the Sega Genesis; in the other corner Nintendo SNES. 399 more words


SHMUPin' My Ass Off

You can never have too many shooters. Well… at least not in the video game sense. The Genesis turned out to be surprisingly loaded with them. 190 more words

Mail Day

East vs. West - whose consoles looked better?

In the late 1980s Japan well and truly conquered the video game market but no doubt they were quite fearful of a repeat of the 1983 North American video game crash ( 508 more words


GAME REVIEW: Paperboy 2

If you’re that strapped for cash, I’d suggest a part-time job. How ’bout a paper route? It builds character. It did in my case.

- Joe Friday (Dan Aykroyd)

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