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Here Are Some Blast-Processed Facts About The Sega Genesis For Its 25th Anniversary

Get ready to feel old, Genesis kids, because Sega’s legendary 16-bit console recently turned 25. Like many kids who first cut their gaming teeth on the NES, I briefly betrayed Nintendo and joined Sega’s camp during the 16-bit wars. 1,853 more words


GEMS (Genesis Editor for Music and Sound Effects)

GEMS (Genesis Editor for Music and Sound Effects) é uma peça de musica proprietária de software para DOS utilizado só para criar musicas no Sega Megadrive e Sega 32X, O programa foi feito por Jonathan Miller, Burt Sloane, … 149 more words

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I Know That Feel

Writing that post the other day about the Sega Genesis titles got me feeling rather nostalgic. I’ve written about nostalgia recently, along with dedicating a significant portion of last week’s podcast to the topic. 613 more words


Resolviendo el enigma de la Megadrive Coreana

La Sega MegaDrive – una consola, mil variantes de nombres. Durante los 90s, entre un montón de lanzamientos de hardware, las fuerzas combinadas de las divisiones internacionales de Sega nos regalaron un vivido espectro de máquinas de video juegos – la Sega Genesis, la Multi Mega, el CD-X, El Mega Jet, El Tera drive, el Wondermega, y el Nomad. 2,201 more words

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Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing - Sega Genesis

When Buster Douglas defeated Mike Tyson for the Undisputed Heavyweight boxing championship in 1990, Sega signed Douglas in order to use his name in James “Buster” Douglas Knockout Boxing.  517 more words


The Sega Power Strip!

The Sega Power Strip is a special type of power strip/extension lead manufactured by Sega during the early 1990s. It was only sold in North America. 281 more words

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Sega Genesis: 25 Favorites

I was doing my usual rounds of the interwebz today and ran across this article on Polygon. The author wrote the post a few days ago (on the 14th) and was talking about the 25th anniversary of the Sega Genesis console’s release in North America. 3,287 more words