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Sonic the Hedgehog - Sega Genesis

I don’t know what hasn’t been said already about Sonic the Hedgehog.  It’s a huge franchise for Sega with game releases on a wide variety of systems.  484 more words


Video: We Play Dark Castle

Continuing our theme of Halloween month, we decide to once again play an old-school horror game.  This time though, it turns out that the game is more “horrificly bad” than it is “horrific”.

Video Games

Last Action Hero

Today I’m one closer to a full set. Which means the down pour of games arriving by mail has slowed.

This also puts me at 71 remaining. 67 more words

Collecting Thoughts

Only About a Week Late

I guess I’ll just have to admit I’m not very swift at this stuff.

Let’s jump right in with the pictures.

Here’s the overview. In back I picked up a Tiger U-Dance TV plug in. 393 more words

In Person Pick Ups

Damn Tires

Well as usual life springs up and gets in the way. My wife’s car tire went flat at work today so I didn’t get to pay the Monday big prizes but heres what was in the mail box when I got home. 161 more words

Mail Day

RBI Baseball 94 - Sega Genesis

RBI Baseball 94 is one of the last games in the once popular RBI Baseball series before Atari was bought out, renamed, and sold off again.  537 more words


3 Peat Saturday

Before I get to the auction wins from yesterday I should post Saturday’s mail.

I wish I didn’t have to buy games like Demolition Man but when you want a while set buying terrible titles based on crappy movies is part of the deal. 101 more words

Mail Day