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Accessory Review: Zero Tolerance System Link Cable (GEN)

The introduction of a game accessory has always been a complicated proposition. Regardless of its function, game accessories live and die based on a few aspects. 707 more words

Solid State Gamer

Classic Gaming Saturdays: Castle Of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

Classic Gaming Saturdays is a (hopefully) weekly blog post where I focus on a single classic video game and give my own personal perspective on the game, its importance, and whether or not it even holds up. 871 more words

Consoles Are Stacking Up

I can’t wait for warm weather and a garage sale. In fact I’m think I might take to Craigs List to start selling off consoles. With this set of wins I can confirm I own over 100 PS1 consoles,  I counted finally. 277 more words

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63 And Counting

I interrupt my usual Goodwill auction post to present a special mail day.

Before my shower broke this morning about a week ago I thought I have a few extra bucks to buy a Sega game. 127 more words

Mail Day

My Top 15 Retro Video Games

From arcade to consoles (including handheld), I’ve been playing video games probably since the day I learned to walk. Yes, I’m amazed at how video games are more like movies nowadays and yes, I… 1,300 more words


The Musical Box #19: Chiptuned Michael Jackson

Sources: Gamasutra – By Marcelo Martins | All Things Michael

There are not a lot of successful partnerships between pop music and videogames. Most approaches seem to focus on the promotion of the artist to the detriment of the features that make a game so cool and appealing. 312 more words

Michael Jackson

Sega 64

No, there isn’t a system out there you haven’t heard of I’m just down to 64 games left to fill out the set. The trek is showing down but I keep managing to locate items here and there. 608 more words

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