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Episode 27: Anniversary Free-for-All!

Download Episode 27: Anniversary Free-for-All here! <– Right click and “save as”

We’re marking our one year anniversary with a free-pick party! ¬†Mike and Ed roll out songs from some of their favorite game soundtracks, and chat about their favorite moments from PTR’s first year on the internet. ¬† 185 more words


Mortal Kombat (1993) - Video Game Review

Mortal Kombat… Today, it seems like most people generally tend to know the game for it’s 8 billion incarnations, and crossovers, as well as all the other forms, including Movies and TV series… And you know what? 333 more words

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Platypus Musings: The Wily Wars

Ah, 1994. As I waxed in a previous post, I consider that year to be one of the most memorable in my thirty-plus years of existed. 972 more words

The Musing Platypus

Ecco the Dolphin, The Tides of Time, Ecco Jr - Sega Genesis Quickie

At last we’ve reach the Ecco games the game time didn’t forget. Have the games aged well or should they have been forgotten in time? Find out with WizWar100 in Sega Genesis Quickies. 113 more words

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[Review] Streets of Rage 2 (Xbox 360)

Recently I reviewed a very cool beat ‘em up game, Streets of Rage, played on the Sega Genesis. For two weekends straight following that review, the hubs and I tackled its sequel, … 513 more words

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Review: 'Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works'

First up, it’s totally cool to admit that yes, you were a SNES-baby, and recess wasn’t recess until you’d pushed that weird Genesis-loving kid’s face into a copy of… 658 more words



Went to the museum to watch Chuck Jones cartoons and to play Super Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog on the NES and Sega Genesis. Grabbed lunch, a few grocery items and headed home. 42 more words