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''Sheffield is a backstage bully'' (The First Pinfall Counts Ep. 31)

heffield explained how at the ‘’Revenge’’ PPV he will defeat Michael Winston. The promo felt too laid back and too scripted. Mr. Sheffield was then interrupted by Dean Roscoe, Tuesday Night’s Brawl general manager who booked him in a traditional match later on the show against hero wrestler Ethan Colbert. 607 more words


Chapter 4: The Overbooking

Hello friends, I have been really busy studying for midterms, but I found some time to watch the 4th chapter and share with you my thoughts. 400 more words

Sometimes, you gotta go blind to be able to see

I, like everyone else, am constantly surrounded by noise and distractions. It’s good to be busy, and I like having stuff to do, but honestly I can never hear myself think.  118 more words


Chapter 3: Focus Group

“Not one profession provokes more opposition, inspires more prejudices, and incites more polemic than prostitution.

But not one moves as much curiosity”

(Luna, “O Negocio” Chapter 3)

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Parallel execution, part 1

The subject of parallel execution of SQL Server queries is at times somewhat shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. Since the concept of parallel execution is such a significant (and indispensable tool) for performance tuning, it’s good to have a fair idea of how it works. 928 more words


Segment [Noun]

She liked to read obituaries, not that she ever openly admitted her affinity toward them. It wasn’t normal, her looking forward to reading about death, and even the formula for creating obituaries was a bit decrepit. 433 more words