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The Black Cinema Experience in Tyler, TX

On a summer day in 1983, a treasure trove of dusty film canisters was discovered in a warehouse in Tyler, Texas. On the verge of throwing them out, the warehouse manager hesitated and called G. 489 more words


Revolution 9

The video is simply music, a piece composed by John Lennon that describes a revolution through sound, I think this is very interesting for several reasons. 255 more words

1954: Brown Vs. The Board of Education

The video contains a description of the hearing, and also contains clips of what it was like for African-Americans in the early 50′s. Our thesis is about how minority groups have more opportunities thanks to the civil rights movement, and this was the true starting point of that. 153 more words

What's behind the academic achievement gap?

It’s no secret that the academic “achievement” gap has been a go-to meme for educators, policymakers and the public-at-large for years. It’s been used as a scapegoat for the lack of diversity not only in higher education, but in a wide swathe of industries as well.  69 more words

Social/Political Awareness Activism

The most segregated place in America

Even after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 put an end to all official segregation, there are still some places in the USA where black and white Americans don’t mix very much. 391 more words