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Segregation Item 2

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Segregation Item 1


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Look Through My Eyes (Original Draft)

***This was written on September 2, 2012***
***Delivered in Benjamin Isaiah Black’s The Response play***

Look through my eyes, and tell me what you see. 918 more words

Bro. B.I.B.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and other officials denouncing “poor door” entrances for subsidized poorer tenants in luxury buildings actually voted in favor of a measure that made such separation possible, a Post review found. 36 more words


That time I thought about gender differences in modern society

This morning I was contemplating an observation I heard on the radio – that this generation treats gender differences less reverently than ever before in history. 98 more words


An Editorial on Societal Culpability for Have-Nots

A couple of years ago, I’d mentioned a study by Harvard Public School of Health which suggested that people with more education had greater resiliency against cognitive damage from toxic solvents. 595 more words

Physical Environment

One Nation Under God 2

***This was written on July 5, 2012***
***Inspired by Rachel SuperStarr Black***

One nation under God…
One nation under God…
What did the author mean by that phrase? 357 more words

Bro. B.I.B.