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The Best Emmy Promo EVER

Those of you jonesin’ for Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul since Breaking Bad ended, you’re in luck! They reunite for this awesome promo from the Emmy Awards, and Julia Louis Dreyfus helps out too… 10 more words


Watch "Breaking Bad's" Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul In Pawn Shop Parody Video

Yes, it happened.

Buzzfeed reports that Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston, and Aaron Paul reunited in a pawn shop parody for an Emmy Awards promotion as “Buzz Jackson,” and “Randy Jackson,” and it…is…AWESOME!   28 more words


Walt And Jesse, Together Again

For those yearning for more Breaking Bad, well, that just isn’t going to happen. Yet, stars Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul have reunited. In the hilarious “Barely Legal Pawn,” they remind us that their screen chemistry is still very much in tact. 70 more words


Revisiting the Performance Curve, from a leadership standpoint

The other day I was giving a colleague a rundown of the performance curve: that we each have an optimum level of stress/stimulation – above that level, our performance declines due to being overwhelmed with anxiety; below that level, we aren’t stimulated enough to perform well. 340 more words


Don't Stop Short...

Almost anyone that claims any sort of knowledge of the Bible or Christianity knows the Great Commission. Jesus commissioned His followers to spread the good news of salvation to the world. 718 more words


Photos: Jerry Seinfeld Scolds A Woman For Parking Too Close To His Porsche

I’m sure you remember us talking about someone parking too close to Courtney’s car in the garage here at Y98…turns out Jerry Seinfeld recently had the same problem. 226 more words


19. 'The Watch' (Season 4, episode 46)

Two exact same watches. He tells you a week, and him a day. How could that be? Something’s fishy about this.

‘The Watch’, like ‘The Ticket’, is an episode that works wonderfully as itself, but also as a central piece within Season 4’s ongoing story line involving the creation of the… 1,687 more words