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Figuring Out If You Have The 'George Costanza Syndrome'

I’m the type of person that will avoid conflict, confrontation, and basically, any form of criticism at all costs.

As a kid, I would write notes to my parents whenever I was asking for something. 1,122 more words

Fandom Friday: Comedy antiheroes

Villains are awesome. They make the story interesting without all that “do-goody” nonsense we have to put up with from the heroes. But what’s even better than a villain? 566 more words

Create A Green Christmas or a Festivus Miracle?

Unless you’re just looking for a Festivus miracle, we have some ideas that will bring good tidings to the Earth (and some for your wallet) this holiday season. 622 more words


Thanksgiving Specials

Another holiday means another set of sitcom specials! Let’s take a look at some episodes that have been received as the cream of the cornucopia. 227 more words


November 27-St. Festivus compliments of Jimmy Bethea

Part of my family’s thanksgiving tradition includes deep fried turkeys, lot’s of friends, and wonderful food. This thanksgiving my wife and I deep fried ten turkeys that went to family, friends, and various non-profit organizations. 173 more words

Beer Of The Day

Bryan Cranston Channeled Tim Whatley For The Perfect 'Seinfeld'-Related Thanksgiving Tweet

The last we checked in with Bryan Cranston revisiting his Seinfeld days as Tim Whatley, he was laying a big one on Julia Louis-Dreyfus at The Emmys in hands down the best part of the awards show (not to mention excellent pay off for an earlier JLD joke). 88 more words


Binge on these 10 great Thanksgiving TV episodes this Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! What are you guys thankful for? We here at Entertain This! are pretty darn thankful for the wonder that is the Thanksgiving TV episode. 688 more words