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You Don't Need a Man to Fix It: Handywomen Remain a Rare Breed In New York

At Columbia University there are 14,826 female students, 479 female professors and four female superintendents. As for female handypeople? Just one.

“I didn’t know of any others, but I thought, I can’t be the only one. 975 more words

Hypocrisy: Soros' "Pro-Union" Media Matters Resists It's Own Unionization

Irony: George Soros-Funded Media Matters Fights Unionization

” George Soros-funded Media Matters for America , a far-left progressive group that has as one of their top priorities to attack FOX News, is taking a very unprogressive-like stance on labor unions.

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Unionization.....For Thee, but NOT for Me, says Media Matters for America

They are one of the biggest Liberal press organizations, who constantly beat the drum for union organizing of most work places.  Yes, until the SEIU attempted to organize… 15 more words


In Challenges to Mandatory Union Dues, Massachusetts Is Latest Target

The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation filed a lawsuit yesterday challenging a Massachusetts law that provides for the unionization of certain family childcare providers, such as nannies and nurseries. 535 more words

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'Effing epic!' MMFA reportedly resists SEIU effort to organize staff; 'All the lulz' ensue

Oh, this is too good.

The Washington Examiner has a delightful story today about our buddies at Media Matters. Seems they’re getting a bit of grief from … SEIU? 625 more words

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SEIU Needs Perspective

SEIU Wants More of Your Money

The San Francisco Chronicle reported today that the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has proposed a minimum wage hike for city employees, bringing the new wage up to $21 per hour.   236 more words


Lobby Day 2014

The IEA Sinnissippi office was excited to join SEIU, Jobs for Justice, the Women’s League of Voters and the Unitarian Church in supporting… 265 more words