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Some Pictures, Some Thoughts

My heart aches, my heart soars.

He is growing so fast, and yet I have the privilege of watching him grow.

This is motherhood.

With all its ebbing and flowing. 423 more words

On Motherhood


Hey friend! We made it to a Friday and sometimes it’s worth throwing housework to the wind for a mental health day. Or for crying babies or the kid that always throws a temper tantrum at the most inconvenient times (of course)! 148 more words


Every Moment is Unique

Every moment is a unique moment in history that can never again be replicated.


Seize the moment

*This is actually an old post. But I am reposting it in response to the Daily Prompt Challenge: New Dawn since I couldn’t remember the last time I was up at dawn than when I had this vacation. 221 more words

The Window

My family and I recently took a trip to Disney World. I don’t know that it can be adequately termed a vacation as vacations are usually relaxing. 1,297 more words

Living in Harmony

Thanks to friend Jay Dawkins for sharing these sincere, poetic thoughts on community after reading my Turning One post:

The world we’ve created has stripped away so much of our rich daily connections and interdependence. 131 more words

Seize The Moment

Turning One

One plus none equals one…sometimes all it takes is elementary math to remind you that life really is just about the journey.

I’m writing this from the empty gates of the Nashville airport in the middle of the night, stricken like the rest of the world by the news that Robin Williams is gone. 715 more words

Seize The Moment