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Let's Talk About Love

Love never dies. Love never fails. Love is kind. Love is Patient. Love endures all.

Love is not a soft fluffy feeling that makes you feel good on the inside. 115 more words

Selasie Bulmuo

REFLECTIONS OF CHANGE (as I approach my 40th birthday)

I look down the years
And what do I see
Colours of changing seasons
Each an experience to remember
They tell a glorious story
Reflected in each gaze… 39 more words

Selasie Bulmuo

In A Funk ( the creative mind's downtime)

With thoughts of
Nothing in particular

I am in between
The old and the new
I can’t let go
And I can’t reach out… 100 more words

Selasie Bulmuo

Unloving My Lethargy

Why do I strive
For what do I battle
Fighting against my will
Subjecting my resolve
To a battery of insanity
It’s not that I want to… 266 more words

Selasie Bulmuo

A Friend Is A Friend

My Friend is A Friend

A hand to hold
A smile that warms
Words of comfort
Never out of reach

A listening ear
A generous heart… 73 more words

Selasie Bulmuo