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Selenium Automation Testing Online Training and Placement

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Implementing verify statements for TestNG framework

If you are using TestNG framework for your Java tests then sometimes you might have faced a situation where you want your test execution to continue even if there are any assertion failures and throw all errors at the end. 1,726 more words


Anti-Glycation Supplements Part III (Glycation: Part II of II)

Pyridoxal-5’-phosphate (Vitamin B6): What is known as ‘Vitamin B6′ has three vitamers (chemically individual related compounds): pyridoxine, pyridoxamine, and pyridoxal. Some sources incorrectly state pyridoxamine to be the strongest anti-glycation agent, but the most effective form of vitamin B6 is the 12,712 more words

Why is Fish So Healthy?

If you are tired of eating red meat and poultry all the time, then fish is a fantastic alternative. Fish serves as a complete protein like red meat. 772 more words


Integrating AutoIt, Sikuli, and other tools with Selenium when running tests in Selenium Grid

A true integration for tools like AutoIt, Sikuli, etc. with Selenium would be when they are able to run under Selenium Grid configuration just like Selenium. 373 more words