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selenium testing interview questions and answers? part1/

Q1. What is Selenium?

Ans. Selenium is a set of tools that supports rapid development of test automation scripts for web based applications. Selenium testing tools provides a rich set of testing functions specifically designed to fulfil needs of testing of a web based application. 247 more words

Selenium Testing


Selenium is an easy-to-use and popular open source web applications Test Automation tool.  Now a days’ lot of enterprises and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) are looking out for open source tools. 184 more words

Selenium Testing

Selenium Design Patterns By Dima Kovalenko

Recently have gone through the book “Selenium  Design Patterns” by Dima Kovalenko. I would like to summarise few good points from these chapters here.

This book mainly has discussed about some design patterns and best practices to be followed while writing the selenium code for automating the Test Scripts. 224 more words


Locating Elements on a web page

In my previous article I have written about Browsers Commands.

In a webpage there are different Web Elements present like Buttons, Inputs boxes, Links, Drop-down lists, Check-boxes, Radio buttons, Plain texts and other items.To interact with the above elements we need to locate them first. 458 more words

Automated Testing

Accept Self Signed SSL Certificate with Selenium RC and Firefox

Hi all,

I use Selenium RC coupled with the centreon_waa plugin to make tests on my web sites. In some case I use self signed certificates and by default it can not pass trough these sites. 54 more words


We are what we eat

Over the past few decades we have seen advancements in fertility drugs, surgical procedures and assisted conception techniques, that allow couples the opportunity to conceive – an idea that was previously thought impossible. 1,160 more words

Women's Fertility Linked to Detox Element in Diet

“Our findings are important, because they show that selenium and selenoproteins are at elevated levels in large, healthy ovarian follicles. We suspect they play a critical role as an antioxidant during the late stages of follicle development, helping to lead to a healthy environment for the egg”

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