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Why You Should Choose Brown Rice over White Rice

White rice is something universal. No matter where you come from or where your’ve going, you have eaten and you will probably eat white rice at some point this week.  546 more words


Locating Web Elements With Selenium Web Driver

How to locate an element on the page

Locating the correct element to interact with is the biggest challenge when developing real-browser testcases.When you encounter an Element Not Found error when replaying a real-browser testcase.Mastering element location makes everything else easy. 605 more words


Selenium RC and WebDriver: Differences

A Quick post to list down major differences between Selenium RC and WebDriver

1. Selenium RC (Remote Control) , also called as Selenium 1 has a proxy server between the editor and the application under test. 82 more words


Selenim WebDriver and supported browser versions

Selenium is a fantastic project, however its documentation is far from perfect. Information on Selenium website is not always precise and up to date – see… 282 more words


Wait until element contains specified text in Selenium WebDriver

Your goal: wait until element identified by given locator contains expected text.

Assumptions: element may or may not be initially present in DOM, element may or may not have expected text once it’s present in DOM. 53 more words


Struggling with Nightmare ;)

Sharing Counts, Title Does not !!!

Hahahahah my blog’s title seems to be really non-technical but my feelings are not. Even I at times sit back and think is it the right name for the title. 493 more words