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Our Word | Week 1, Day 2

What is the place of your heart?

Not a place. A person.

I spent my entire life wandering. A nomad never settling long enough to cultivate roots, all I ever had were closets full of unpacked boxes waiting for the next shoe to drop and for me to run. 91 more words



I am the source of my happiness


Summer Bummer

by Thessa Torrillo

Well hello my Aunt flow

You are just in time you know

For I am prepping to go

To the beach to have a glow… 102 more words


The Man Needs A Drink

Try as you might, but you won’t reach it.

Out there so cold you can’t deny it.

Feel like you’re old don’t shy away from it. 51 more words



I remembered there were a number of times where he attempted to make me jealous.

Back when we were still together, he told me about how much closer he had become with some girl. 373 more words



This is me. I can’t really explain myself through words at the moment, but this is who I believe I am.

-Stay Creative!