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a lonely soldier
in the war field of mind
defends with a pen

via soldier.


DT - Session 1 Follow-up

The whole business with the dominant therapist is my third to last toss of the dice. I’m not going to pretend that this will be what leads to me to whatever I’m searching for but I’m going to stick with it until it’s run it’s course. 1,245 more words


Suicide While High

A firearm and marijuana; a perfect storm for an impulsive suicide. I’m supposed to have quit marijuana. I’m supposed to have stop the process of aquiring a firearm. 754 more words



I was cleaning my house today because tomorrow night I’m going to have a visitor (or so she says). I don’t want to appear as a slob. 314 more words


Action ,action, action!

Maybe I should spend some time to think about my future.

Current situation can no long continue. I am not building my life. I am unhappy, drifting, and hopeless. 157 more words


MSEG - Week 2

MSEG = Male Self Esteem Group

A few new faces in the meeting. One’s an old guy who likes to talk a lot. There are few guys there who like to talk a lot. 635 more words


(Re)Location Location Location

Again, I apologize for my absence. Upon arriving in New York, a lot has happened in my personal life that I am not sure I can write about until further processing. 332 more words