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I’ve recently met someone. Well, we haven’t met in person yet, we are just texting at the moment. Texting a lot. Maybe too much. Though it’s been slowing down a bit. 988 more words



Christmas is my mother’s favourite time of the year. It takes her weeks just to set-up all the Christmas decorations in her house. Pretty much every knick-nack, picture, table cloth…everything…is taken down and replaced with something Christmas related. 435 more words


The Fall - Conclusion

“And when it comes it will feel like a kiss (silent and velvet)
And when it comes it will feel like a kiss
And I cannot say that I was not warned or was mislead…

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Ten things we do

1. We buy watches of different shapes, forms and brands and think that we are buying time. We try to put a price on time, and we end up taking it for granted. 409 more words


High Communication

I’ve talked about my marijuana use before. I pretty much get high every evening; even got a routine that I follow. I do it because when I am high I am happy. 735 more words



“I don’t mind…I don’t mind if you forget me,
Having learned my lesson I never left an impression on anyone.”

- “I Don’t Mind If You Forget Me”

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