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It starts with an Earthquake; Birds and Snakes; An Aeroplane...

Before embarking on this collection, a preface is in order. I started this in the belief that, in isolation, each piece I post here could lack clarity and would need some context. 730 more words


I cannot make you feel happy… it’s impossible…

Can I make you feel happy or sad? Do I have the power to have an effect on your mood or feelings?

Assume that I am on the verge of telling you that I want to end our relationship, but I am not brave enough to bring the topic up because I am afraid of hurting your feelings. 394 more words


Quest for Happiness: Being a Recent Grad Makes "Discipline" Hard

So my big quest for happiness was derailed almost three days into my journey. Half way through the week my Nokia Lumia glitched and the touch screen ceased to work. 305 more words


You are enough

You are enough

Gather yourself
You are enough
No more, sweetheart
No more waiting
No more anticipating
The signs, the love
The universe has spoken. 132 more words


Why do we have a need to enhance our self-image?

It is commonplace in our culture that we try to improve our self-image in many different ways. Many people attempt to enhance their self-esteem by positive thinking, different types of therapies, or being nice and follow social norms to fit in, in order to get approval by others. 446 more words


Wait, wasn't I mad at you? or Women v Men: Sorry, not sorry!

As you lay there in bed and address me gruffly one last time before turning your back towards me, I wondered, again, what it was that  826 more words