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Center of the Universe

When we act like we’re the center of the universe,

all others gets pushed aside.

Each new addition to our scenario becomes one more character in the playing out of what appears to be… 138 more words


People Pleasing Is Self-Absorption

People pleasing is self-absorption.

That might sound harsh, but it’s not intended to be.

It’s also not intended as a judgment, but as a truth. 472 more words



For years – well, for my entire life – I’ve battled depression on and off. Usually the dark days came with anxiety, but that’s leveled off a bit in the past ten years. 213 more words


Rant On Bad Product Design and Self-Absorption

Horrible design can do more than ruin your morning, it can ruin your entire day, day after day. It can affect your relationship if your toaster doesn’t allow crumb remnants to be shaken out easily so that there won’t be a fine and annoying spread of crumbs all over the kitchen top which sets your partners’s teeth on edge, causing you both to be irritable and snap at each other, leading to the feud of the century, involving each others’ mothers, ethno-cultural history, and the sad state of each others’ skills as a lover.

Wie mooi wil gaan, laat zich afleiden

Een week of drie geleden liep ik door de Oostenrijkse Alpen. Ik had een route gevonden door een dal annex hoogvlakte op een hoogte van een meter of zestienhonderd met struiken, rotsen en een watervalletje. 620 more words



In a blitz of procrastination I’ve just been looking at forgotten draft blog posts (as opposed to papers for work that would be better off being forgotten). 37 more words



How much does having children – maybe also growing older – change you? I seem to have lost all my lighthearted moments; sorry to anyone who used to come to this blog for the odd chuckle, because it feels rather a bit bleaker around here lately. 364 more words