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Quatern (We are all of us Christ on the cross)

We are all of us Christ on the cross,

Tiny messiahs shouldering burdens,

Dragging our feet down a dusty path.

Spit and curses fall on us like rain. 84 more words


Pain's Purpose

Why do we suffer pain? We hate being in pain – well most of us anyway. Some people are so numb they only experience themselves through pain. 310 more words

Self Awareness

"Self-Absorbed People"

I dig ‘em when they open up and talk– be my book. I don’t care what they’re talking about so long as they’re being sincere. I love learning about the world and how it can be, especially through another’s eyes. 59 more words

Decadence's Stride

Take this, keep it in stride.
Heart breaks ready to dive.
You say you wanna know?
Are you ready to go, are you ready to go. 64 more words


i’ve been lying in bed doing absolutely nothing since 8:32. I think my body just gave up. I felt a little guilty because I know I’m going to regret this hardcore tomorrow and saturday, but…eh. 1,291 more words

Daily Tarot

Another card that really hits home for me today. The Four of Cups is boredom, apathy and feeling stuck in a rut.

I find, when this card appears, that it is time for a shake up. 126 more words


Detachment, Attachment and Depression

These few ruminations were prompted by a comment from someone whom I will call ‘the correspondent’. He or she was worried that much of contemporary ‘spiritual’ practice seemed to encourage a level of self-absorption and worldly detachment that, to the correspondent, seemed little different to th… 1,014 more words