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My body, my story

As long as I can remember I feel uncomfortable in my own skin. The other day I saw pictures of myself at a swimming pool at age 16 with my arm covering my belly. 245 more words


Perfect Imperfections

Perfect Imperctions Video

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The idea of perfection is endorsed all around us. Stunning models, celebrities, athletes all create a need for us to become flawless, like they appear, when in reality we are all imperfect. 1,908 more words


Sexual Freedom

I’m glad to have reached the place where my sexuality is my own. There are still some kinks (so to speak), but their my kinks, and I’m OK with that. 264 more words


Insignificance is a lie

I see you. Wishing you were better, greater, more significant. Desperate to add value. Convinced that you should be and believing that you are not. 540 more words

In Myself

All Blues by Miles Davis- Guitar Version..Transcending the Pain of Life

Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue made me feel jazz and love it – the kind of blues (no pun intended) that I like that is, and I don’t like it all .. 229 more words

On Sticking Out Like a Sore Thumb

The title is wholly encapsulating, but read on if details matter to you.

Last night I stayed up watching Youtube videos of interviews of Lena Dunham on her new successes. 861 more words

'Wrong' Closeness and 'Right' Openness

I used to think that I am a very closed person and somehow whenever I watched or hung around with the people who seemed very open-minded and sociable with others, I became so small inside. 313 more words