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Owning it!!!!

I’m an Artist. And I say that without ego, self judgement and uncertainty.

A few months ago I was hit with self doubt. I was told my Orgonite pieces aren’t high on the bovis scale due to the lack of metal content. 572 more words

° Team Arly °

Thursday's 3 Reasons to be Joyful...

Holy humidity Thursday folks!  Summer is great, but I am not a fan of the uber humid days, considering I will start sweating with the slightest bit of humidity, even if I am sitting down.  294 more words


Who Are You?

How well do you know yourself? What are your gifts? We all have some.

It takes effort to listen to ourselves, our heart, our desires, without battling the voices from childhood and others who have told us who we are, and how we should act, what we should believe. 62 more words



I choose to be my authentic self.

I choose to set my intentions and take actions towards meeting them.

I choose to take appropriate responsibility in and for my life. 19 more words

Self Acceptance

Go Ahead, Judge Me...

What power trip it is for many to judge the actions of others and make sweeping assumptions about a person’s character, values or being. For too many of us, applying our beliefs and values as a measuring stick by which we decide the quality of their being is far too commonplace. 491 more words

Heart Matters

Day 13: MHA and a whole bunch of feelings.

I am planning on posting this blog to my FB wall. I’m not sure if I’ll leave it up long, but I have hope that those close to me will understand that I am still Ashley the great! 438 more words

Open Thinking