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Why the history of Indian racist attitudes make no sense.

I came across this wonderful article explaining why Indians are extremely racist for a very diverse country and it has made me think a lot since then. 242 more words

Self-Confidence - SoCS Post

Well, that book (Be Your Own Confidence Coach – Kirsty Ginman) was enlightening. Turns out that I have been focusing on the negative for too long. 1,292 more words


Day One

So it’s day one, yesterday I got my wisdom teeth removed so I am in a world of pain but it does make starting the juice fast easier because I can’t eat solid food! 299 more words


Inspiration of the Day - Loving Your Disability

I have to say I think this is one of the best blogs on living with a disability I have ever read. I’ve written a lot of stuff on my blog but it never occurred to me to look at all of the things I consider “bad” about my disability and simply shift my focus to turn them into positives. 545 more words

Words Of Wisdom


Self-analysis, introspection and comparison to others can be useful tools for fostering your own personal development. As I wrote in “Excuses” the only person who knows what you are capable of achieving and pushing yourself to do is you. 397 more words


Let's start from the beginning....

I was born on May 14, 1993 in Edenton, North Carolina to two immigrant parents who came from Mexico and El Salvador. Both of my parents came to the states to find a better life than the one they both had back in their country’s. 953 more words


Meeting the Self

“People often feel quite uncomfortable when they get too close to confronting their own basic sense of being a person.” Norman Fischer

What is this thing I call “me?” Why do so many of us find being alone with ourselves–without distractions–so uncomfortable? 227 more words