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What is Embodiment # 68: The Upside of Irritation

A life without external irritants is neither possible nor desirable. In medicine, irritants that provoke a reaction allow the body to expel toxins.

The process of drawing poisons out doesn’t feel good. 72 more words

Smash the Shoulds to Pieces

Take a sledgehammer to the statue they have erected of you, fashioned by their own fancies of how you should look, who you should be.  Do not ask for permission.

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Inner Peace


Since starting my journey after my previous bout with depression I have made a lot of changes and if you read the last dozen or so entries you will agree that things haven’t been sunshine and bubbles (but I’m working hard to change that)! 512 more words


Love Lessons from a Linoleum Heart Part II: Love is Not Linear

March 6, 2012

I ended up having a great day yesterday. It took a lot of work to change the momentum of my mind, but I was determined.

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Delicious Diary

Out of the Darkness

Fun Fact Time!

Did you know that..

September 10th was National Suicide Awareness Day

and  the entire month of September has been dedicated into raising awareness for suicide? 526 more words


A Peaceful Mind

The world lost one of its brightest stars last week. I don’t just mean one of the most famous people on the planet; I mean most luminescent souls. 1,331 more words

Delicious Diary

Reflections of a Naked Dancer

As a young girl, whether blowing out my birthday candles, throwing a coin into a fountain or gazing up at a shooting star, my wish was always the same, “Please let me grow up to be beautiful.”

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Delicious Diary