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I’m not a violent person. In fact, I’d go as far as to say violence is wrong. But I learned quite early the most effective weapon I have is words. 162 more words


Monuments, Damage, Equilibrium

It has been quite some time since any author’s work has drawn my attention, like a moth to a flame,  as Haruki Murakami has.  His words and imagery speak to the depths of my soul like no one ever has.   328 more words


Slice of Wisdom

“Then it hit me. Some people don’t know how, and others never think about going back and cleaning up their crap. Most people want to start today and feel better tomorrow. 83 more words

Where I Stand: Invest In Yourself

I hope that what I have had to share so far in this series has been helpful to someone.
It has been a good way for me to process what I have learnt. 286 more words

Asking For Help

Too Cold

Am I too cold for you?

Too intense or strong?

Am I intimidating?

Do I come off as such?

Am I too cold for you? 14 more words


Wake Up

There’s something to be said for those who genuinely love you, want you to succeed, and bring you joy and laughter.

Truth is, most do it cause they don’t want another to see or feel the pain, and loneliness they feel. 264 more words

Life And Love