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Her Window of Time

Every morning she brushed her teeth, and she pulled the window curtain back to look out onto the world. She could see everything from her neighbor’s yard of dirt on her left to the church’s parking lot on her right, and in between them she saw the green, luscious yard of her own stretching three acres back to the tree line. 127 more words

Divine Nature

We have become so distance from our soul
That we’ve forgotten we are of divine nature.

Micheline Jean LOuis

Where I Stand: You're Not Alone

There have been many times in the past when I have felt alone in my feelings because I did not share them with anyone.

Trying to struggle on alone can lead to depression & desperation & for some suicidal thoughts. 276 more words

Asking For Help

Personal Realisations

Yesterday, having consumed a few glasses of wine, I sat down to type.  I wrote out a post and then deleted it.  I wrote another.  I felt self conscious.  300 more words

General Chat

4 Quotes About Emotional Health In “Stand Strong”

In Stand Strong, Nick Vujicic shares the hard-won strategies he learned to overcome bullies. You can read my full review of Stand Strong by… 461 more words

living life with bipolar 2

I have a mental illness, I have a couple. I was finally diagnosed with the proper terminology. I do not live my life based around my illness like I did when I was in full blown anorexia, or my bulimia. 2,008 more words

I'm here. And I'm hip for being square.┏((= ̄(エ) ̄=))┛

I’m the new guy in town. And I’m an amnesiac. I don’t know anything past my name. But I plan to take you all on a trip through hell and back. 39 more words