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Which would then be followed by “easier said than done”.  I don’t like to think of myself as pessimistic, but when someone tells me “be the change you want to see (or something along those lines)”, I can’t help but reply with that. 193 more words

What Selfies Expose....or do they at all

This one site called hotornot opened me up to what modeling could not give me, an almost perfect 10. In modeling you are not given instant approval from outsiders. 121 more words

9. the Wants

I want to learn

I want to heal.


is it too late for me to do something that helps them

do i need books, where are there still books like that… 256 more words


I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of “Living Robots”.  Machines with minds of their own.  Does a being need to be organic to be considered alive?   289 more words

Her: "What's that?" Me: "You becoming self aware"

She’s recently become aware of her belly button, and when her vest comes of her fingers explore her tummy until she find the wrinkled dimple and she calls out “Belly button!” 59 more words

Sanity Level 3


This is my online diary.

I’ve never kept a diary. I never knew how to get started and once I did I was embarrassed. I would read them later and rip the pages out. 177 more words


It's something like magic!

When it happened…Tragically
I ignored it…Casually
It seemed so close…Finally!
It’s something…something Magically!

Considering what you can derive the meaning of those four lines, which talks about a dangerous situation ignored easily. 209 more words