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Realizing Life (Because it's Going to Happen, Whether You Realize it or Not)

“Wow, all of these people are listening to me”.

That’s the startlingly intelligent thought I had yesterday while giving a speech to 150 students at a conference I helped organize at my school. 262 more words

Let's Just Brow Bash Some More Shall We? You know it's very irritating!

That’s right, it’s irritating as hell when you have someone who is constantly brow bashing the poor! Since you people are so very F!@#ing intelligent, why don’t you come up with a way to solve the problem instead of harping on the same ole thread, your boring get over it. 461 more words


Practice Mindfulness

It’s the time of year when our energies transform from Winter’s slow, nurturing darkness to Spring’s activating, expanding light. 505 more words


These Inconvenient Needs

I have a need for connection. A powerful, at times overwhelming, need for meaningful, thoughtful loving connection. Especially with my beloved. Sometimes, this need arises inconveniently, like when we are trying to allow for each others solo time and (especially his) autonomy. 921 more words

A Wretched Thing

I wish hope would just stay at home
so I could too

And sometimes it does
and so I do too
and worse
And descend to that place of darkness… 41 more words

Food insanity

All over the place, I see stuff written on the “right way” to eat. I’ve tried many different eating “lifestyles” myself, some in the name of health, others, weight loss. 881 more words


What Fits...

BDSM plays a large part within a D/s dynamic for me. It is really hard to put this into words. I don’t need the toys and elements of BDSM. 585 more words