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My Ten Year Plan…The journey so far

My last post was about life-coaching, so let me follow it up with my story and how I have put my points into practice.

During my school days, I was always seen as an over-achiever.  1,166 more words


Achieving your potential…

This post is a departure from my usual posts.  It’s all out, unashamed life-coaching.  Enjoy!

There are five important (but tricky) questions that we will all need answers to at some point in our lives.  522 more words


Don't stop believing

I’ve been thinking a lot about the psychology of racing, or simply participating in sport. It won’t come as any surprise to anyone who knows me to hear that I’m a perfectionist. 324 more words


To forgive and forget

Sometimes few people just get to you and rage you up to an extent that you flare up through out the day. But most of the times, it’s not the unknown stranger who brushed you aside on the bus, or the unforgiving boss who gave you a pep talk , but the people who are very close to us who hurt us the most.Then, it’s difficult to decide whether you should just forgive and forget or get back at them. 311 more words


Face Up

As I’ve got older I’ve found that I find it easier to face uncomfortable truths.

They may be to do with work, home, friends or family – but they all involve ‘me’ and my attitude and behaviour. 183 more words


Things happen for a reason, the power of a cliche

I love a cliche, because often there is a lot of truth behind those over used sayings – life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful, you can never have too much of a good thing, and everything happens for a reason – all cliches I have been known to quote on occasion. 512 more words


Why You Shouldn't Fear Taking the Alcohol-free Leap

An alcoholic drink represents all manner of things to those who succumb to its perceived charms – it’s the social lubricant, especially attractive to the shy drinker. 513 more words

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