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A woman's voice

Last night I dreamed that I was this big successful and famous advocate for woman’s rights and equality. I’ve been thinking about it since I woke up. 461 more words


Never give up

Okay so lately myself and a friend or two have been close to just completely giving up with things, which has got me thinking… What is my philosophy on giving up? 326 more words

3 Things I'm Grateful For (Wk. 22)

Self Love. I often forget how lucky I am to be a person who loves and believes in themselves; no matter what. This week I was reminded of that. 110 more words


horses for courses

I couldn’t resist calling this post ‘horses for courses’ because it happens to be a favourite saying of mine. Having such a vivid imagination means that whenever someone says this I imagine what the course looks like and then trundling off to a stable in my mind and walking up and down looking at the horses (usually pretty painted ponies with rainbow manes) and selecting which one I might like to ride (or fly, there are unicorns also) depending on the terrain. 497 more words


Recently, I was in the company of one of my best friends, a woman for whom I have the highest affection and regard. Her intelligence, work ethic and determination leave me in the shade, and her accomplishments, both personally and professionally, are many. 1,224 more words


“Magic is believing in yourself.
If you can do that, you can make anything happen”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832)