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Conventional Wisdom

Several times in previous posts I’ve used the term “conventional wisdom”, especially in reference to my following said wisdom and it being a negative choice. 301 more words


Failure, yeah I thought about it, but I don't fear it

It is alright to consider the possibility that you may fail. After all it only those of us who refuse to even try that never have to consider that they may fail. 64 more words

You Can't Define Me

Ego & Self-belief

There lies a fine line, one in between,

Ego the misguided and the empowering self-belief,

For when latter is not made strong,

And circumstances intervene, 138 more words


Happiness is a state of mind

Recently, something happened that made me feel as though my world had ended; like the entire universe had come crashing down around my ears. Everything was moving in slow motion and none of my experiences seemed real. 294 more words

Time doesn't heal all wounds, but all wounds can still heal.

They say time heals all wounds but that is but a myth. Rather, it is your belief in yourself, your desire to keep moving forward without regret of what came before, or fear of what may lie ahead, that truly heals the soul.

You Can't Define Me

On ceilings and other limitations

I suspect I am fairly often accused of having my head in the clouds. Once upon a time I might have contested the accusation. Felt the need to argue the purpose and the depth of my dreams. 493 more words

Outstanding Posts

Self-belief: essential PhD armour

John Mayer wrote a song a while back called ‘Belief’, and one line in this song stayed with me: ‘Belief is a beautiful armour’. I have been thinking about this notion of armour and belief in one’s self and research as an important piece of PhD (and post-PhD) armour a lot recently. 826 more words

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