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If you think you're bigger than your fears, you probably are

This day last week, I participated in a kathak dance recital. This was significant because it was my first time back on stage, after an injury-induced hiatus of almost 4 years.  666 more words

So, you think you want to start your own business?

I get it – you’re fed up at work, you’re fed up of your boss, you’re fed up of earning a pittance to line someone else’s pockets, you want to work around your family & social activities, you keep dreaming about working for yourself, about having the lifestyle you love, about all the money and holidays… 798 more words


Ba cheart dúinn díriú ar na rudaí dearfacha 🆗

Be the master of your petty annoyances and conserve your energies for big worthwhile goals, the leaving certificate. It isn’t the mountain ahead that wears you out, it’s the sand in your shoe 👟🏄 12 more words


FREE e-book

Childhood Dreams is the first instalment of the mini e-book series ‘PULSE’,  and is “dedicated to the broken dreams that will be resurrected, the damaged self-belief that will be restored and the God-given talent that will be showcased.” 12 more words



So mentioned in my last post, something that made me stop and think and reanalysis a few things from the ANB workshop on Sunday. A big component of course is motivation and being in the right head space. 648 more words


Adversity, Strength & Wisdom

I took a call from someone yesterday. This person was at a low point and needed lifting.

Some people go through life with little in the way of disappointment, rarely hearing the word ‘NO’, always someone on hand to bail them out; cosseted and cushioned. 122 more words

Self Growth

How to Be a Good Mentor

The Art of Mentorship

I just posted a short presentation to slideshare: The Art of Mentorship

3 Types of Mentor

  • Sponsor (or Advocate) – puts their reputation on the line and takes responsibility for your personal success.
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