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Empty Can

Its school holidays and I love school holidays because I get to spend the extra time with my beautiful Bear. 

We go out for jaunts, meet friends we don’t have much time to see often during term time, and get to play, paint, craft, glue, cut, stick, colour in and really love our time together, we are very close. 650 more words


Moments Frozen in Eternity

“It’s all about finding that connection between you and people”, words of wisdom from a waiter serving me at an Edinburgh takeaway. This is what came up as I attended the… 462 more words


Dangerous times is the pervading feeling,that rules the irises of our  world ,we feel compressed and oppressed by time and opportunity;we are hardpressed to fulfill our desires and catchup to a fast moving world. 411 more words


Hongera First lady, hongera.

My First lady, Margaret Kenyatta is a superstar, or more befitting, a marathon-star. She ran and finished the 42 kilometer London marathon. I am not dwelling on how long she took to finish the race but she eventually did cross the finish line. 645 more words

Celebrate your uniqueness, remember we are all geniuses at something.


What is your centre? What motivates you?

Learning your centre, or in other words learning what motivates you.

What motivates you to get up in the morning?

What motivates you to see things through til the end? 273 more words

"Who Cares"?

“Do not ask the question “Who cares”. The numbers will be devastatingly low. Just so “you do”. That is truly all that matters.”