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The Sonnet of Pietro

What I wouldn’t give, to feel how I think

To exult and exclaim

And not on the brink

What I wouldn’t give, to feel the same… 63 more words


My Dad Didn't Want Us ...

Dad had been gone for almost 3 weeks.  Food was in short supply, and once again, I wasn’t eating to make sure my sister had enough to eat.  810 more words



When we survive trauma, we may be left with warped thinking that affects us from that point on. An example of this would be a bad wartime experience that changes our thinking. 234 more words

Therapy and the reprieve

In the thick of the fog, it can be easy to forget there are clearer days. And those you must hang onto for dear life. 684 more words

Grooming, Attachment, Anger.

My head may explode, this week was supposed to be calmer. Work was nuts, house purchase is all systems go, children are driving me nuts, to do list is getting longer. 520 more words

My Journey

My fault? (That damn question again)

Is it my fault?

That is a question I’ve been asking myself often, for a very long time.

As therapy has progressed and I have moved forward, that question has continued to bother me from time time. 395 more words

My Journey

Deliver me from evil

Deliver me from the communication evil that befalls my marriage. Help me chose the right words and impart the appropriate inflection and intonation.

As the adage says – it’s not what you say but how you say it. 933 more words

Irrelevant Until It Isn't