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I miss Zooey. A lot. I don’t think about her quite as much as I used to, but when I do, it just hurts so much. 413 more words


Darkness Does Not Disarm Us

I don’t have nightmares as often as some people do. Maybe once every couple of weeks. It depends, I don’t always remember them. I’ve learned that it helps to write them down almost as soon as I wake up, before I forget them and they become a vague sense or just an emotion. 988 more words

Sexual Abuse

The Face of Contempt | Part 2 of 2

Self-contempt has been my primary issue for years.  Until I learned to have compassion on myself, it was almost impossible not to have contempt for others.   739 more words

Spiritual Formation

The source

Yesterday my therapy was really hard. I always tried to make it somewhat good and funny and pleasant while talking about my issues with self-harm and suicide and low self-esteem trying to take it easy. 644 more words


So long for low stress

I’ve not been feeling alright this week. I feel anxious and startled. My sister’s mum’s death shocked me but I tackled it. She was like a grandparent’s sister for me. 262 more words


Just some random thoughts

The last few days have been incredibly rocky. I have felt every emotion humanly available and probably more. I have felt like I have found “the answers” to becoming happy. 428 more words

Helping the little thumb-sucker quit the habit.

There comes a time in a child’s life when sucking his thumb-sucking is no longer acceptable.  It looks babyish, and parents start to worry about future orthodontic bills. 787 more words

Coping With Stress