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Over-Responsibility and Self-Blame

 The powerlessness of trauma had left me without a sense of autonomy. For too long I had mindlessly enacted the relational templates of my upbringing, unable to choose when to say yes and when to say no, and enmeshed in a destructive morass of compulsive care-giving alongside chronic self-neglect.

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Self-Worth and Validation

I recently heard someone say recently that what you are seeking from the world is what you are looking for from yourself. I think that this holds some degree of truth. 734 more words



i looked away, only for a moment
but in the corner of my eye
I saw it
the calamity was ahead of me

screeching tyres and busted glass… 145 more words

Self-Blame and Doubt

I recently was on the receiving end of a particularly difficult brush off by another person who I strongly admire and was beginning to feel something immense for. 1,221 more words


Waiting at a stop where nothing comes.

Waiting. Waiting at a stop, but a stop for what? Nothing is coming. No train. No bus. No subway. Nothing. Grass is growing, because nobody ever walks here. 120 more words


It's Not My Fault and Acceptance

I’ve been thinking about what has happened with me in the past few years. What happened isn’t my fault at all and I know this intellectually but still it has disrupted things for me enormously. 1,081 more words

Self Harm

After the last post with the in depth discussion of shame from abuse and the feelings of self hate, degradation, self rejection and alienation it promotes, it will probably now be clearer why many abuse survivors are caught in self harming or in self injurious behaviours like cutting. 17 more words