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Erica Fae's story

Erica describes her battle with grade school bullying  depression and the aftermath of a rape she encountered in her second year of college.


Dear Guilt....

Dear Guilt

I am writing to you; to exercise some ghosts! Three in fact! I feel that you, “Guilt”, have become a part of my psyche, and a part of who I am. 741 more words


The Time My Kid Waited An Hour for Me to Pick Her Up

It’s a beautiful Bay Area afternoon. Josh and I have just finished eating lunch at synagogue after a lovely bat mitzvah service of a friend’s daughter. 765 more words


It's All YOUR Fault!!!: 20 Smart Ways to Stop The Self-Blame Game Before It Ruins Your Health and Your Creative Business

It’s 3 O’ clock in the morning.  Why aren’t you sleeping?

Your mind is racing. Thought after negative thought enters your head like bullets riddling the side of a car during a shootout. 1,332 more words

Abstract Art

Taking Your Responsibility

I have been in an insecure place lately. I rarely delve into sports metaphors, but since being on a kickball team I find I have a very appropriate one at hand. 947 more words

Self Love

Recently I wrote a post about our journey so far, I wrote it in terms of a physical battle, with strengths and weaknesses  as metaphorical weapons and with Infertility as a human. 629 more words