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It's Not My Fault and Acceptance

I’ve been thinking about what has happened with me in the past few years. What happened isn’t my fault at all and I know this intellectually but still it has disrupted things for me enormously. 1,081 more words

Self Harm

After the last post with the in depth discussion of shame from abuse and the feelings of self hate, degradation, self rejection and alienation it promotes, it will probably now be clearer why many abuse survivors are caught in self harming or in self injurious behaviours like cutting. 17 more words

Is this all your fault? Did you deserve what has happened to you? No, forgive yourself for dating a sociopath

It’s all my fault….

Words either said out loud, or just a thinking, when I looked at the carnage that had became my life, after i was abused. 1,467 more words


It Was My Fault I Was Raped Because...

It was my fault because…I gave consensus at the start.

It wasn’t my fault because I have the right to stop anytime during sex. “It is not true that sexual abuse happens because ‘a man cannot control his sexual urges’.

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Sexual Abuse

Net Worth

I wrote this over Memorial Day weekend in my journal, and felt compelled to blog it.  I am estranged from a family member, and the events leading up to and immediately after the estrangement triggered the emotions. 233 more words


On Forgiving and Forgetting

My brother Tedd is a compassionate man. An ordained Christian minister, he takes his faith seriously and works hard to be a force for good in the world. 1,030 more words

Self Blame

Love Thyself

It is always easier for us to tell others on what to do. We talk as if we know the best possible advice and what-to-do lists for others. 427 more words