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Love Thyself

It is always easier for us to tell others on what to do. We talk as if we know the best possible advice and what-to-do lists for others. 427 more words


I surrender

This morning I felt so defeated. I got in the car to drive the kids to daycare and I said to myself “I fucking surrender”. A moment earlier, when my daughter whined about wanting a different book to take to school (after she whined about wanting her dolls that were left in the house and I returned to the house to fetch them, brushing my hair for the first time since showering as I walked back to the house), I took the wrong book from her hands, threw it on the car floor and plopped the book she wanted into her lap. 770 more words


Why the Law of Attraction is harmful

In my last post, I debunked the Law of Attraction: the popular idea that a person can attract good or bad things into their life, depending on their mindset. 432 more words

Life Coaching

Failing Thyself: Creating My Own Mental Stress

I wanted to breathe, but even my lungs were being pulled in. It’s heavy. It is really hard to expect more of yourself than what you could actually give. 164 more words


Redirecting the Negative Inner Voice

Negative life events may be prime indicator many mental health issues.  They can affect people in different ways, but most many experience depression and anxiety. Rumination and self blame has been found to be an ineffective and even hurtful behavior.   424 more words


On my BIRTHDAY?!!!


I let you in

I called you freind

I felt sorrow for you

I CRIED for you!

You haven’t got a clue how much I hurt for you… 282 more words

My Thoughts

Erica Fae's story

Erica describes her battle with grade school bullying  depression and the aftermath of a rape she encountered in her second year of college.