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Search and Reveal: the only balance between self praise and blame

There is a great value to self-examination within the day to day walk with and after Christ, but it ought to be more than a solely… 291 more words

Self-blame and non-supporting job-seeker support groups are keeping from getting jobs

“The long-term unemployment rate is going down much more slowly than the overall unemployment rate,” notes Sharone, an assistant professor of work and employment relations at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. 262 more words


Reverb, Day 13: My Brave Year - broken-hearted

The thought of coming out with this has filled me with such terror – and lack of courage – that I have put this post off overnight. 1,374 more words


12/12/14: Dealing with Conflict

If there’s one thing you should know about me in interpersonal situations, it should be this: I hate conflict.

That is, I hate personal conflict. I could argue any scientific or political argument into the ground; I derive too much pleasure from academic debates and being right in those situations. 792 more words

Self Help

Self blame

Therapy today threw up the concept of self blame. It’s a topic we’ve touched on a lot, but I just can’t shift my view of my younger self – that I, she, could and should have done something to change what was happening… 265 more words

Lift your head up

Em C G D

Seeing as that im sitting next to you everyday
I get this feeling that I need you to know
You are not the one to blame, you don’t need the pain… 190 more words

On Assigning Blame

Epiktitos, Hellenic Stoic Philosopher ( 50 A.D.-138 A.D.)

Excerpt from the “Handbook”,  Chapter E

Things or events don’t upset people, but rather the opinion they have about those things or events.  36 more words

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