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Who Really Cares About "Self-Care"?: Well…You Should...


What is self-care? Who has time for self-care? Who needs to actually put effort into doing this?

These are questions that are commonly contemplated by people who have not, (and quite frankly, who probably have) heard the term “Self-Care”. 590 more words

Mental Health

Boundary-Setting and Self-Care -- Two Courageous Acts

During the last couple years, I’ve definitely experienced the truth that there is courage in willing to be imperfect and vulnerable. Now I am starting to learn that there is courage in setting boundaries with people around me. 651 more words

The road.

I’ve been working in travel since I was 20 years old. This year, I’m celebrating my 30th birthday.

I’ve spent 10 years of my life on the road, and it’s definitely catching up to me. 1,446 more words

Kate Being Human

I (do not) Apologize for my Absence

This summer, I spent June and July at an internship in a new city, surrounded by new people. I decided to let myself take a break from most of my media and focus on learning as much as I could from my experiences. 147 more words

Dearest body of mine, I'm so sorry, I thank you and I love you. (Pinju)

I’m having that awful “body hate” moment again.

It’s the height of summer, people are out in droves in sleeveless tops, shorts and summer dresses.  It makes them look good, it keeps them cool. 453 more words