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Mindfully consuming ideas

I love to read, and I love to learn.  The internet is simultaneoustly the greatest thing in my life, and also the worst.  If there is something I’m interested in, I can find within a half-hour several good articles to introduce me to the subject, find books providing more indepth study, a few interviews with practitioners, and beyond.  518 more words


La poule... ou l'oeuf?

English summary below

11:30 et un superbe matin d’été, en face de moi, à siroter un café après un entrainement de natation, une jeune chercheuse, bientôt docteur en astrophysique… son manuscrit de thèse est rédigé ; quelques corrections trainent par-ci par-là; 283 more words


Back to work, with a balanced plan...

It is September time again: we are all back at work, at school or college, enrolled in our weekly activities.
This is the time when we all meet in conference rooms, downtown shops and restaurants, and on the road in traffic jams. 289 more words


Shift Your Attitude

Have you noticed that sometimes it seems that all the bad things happen at the same time? It is as if we have periods where we are very happy and suddenly BOOOMM! 1,080 more words

Challenge Your Mindset

It all circles around right now

I’ve been busy reading Positive Intelligence, by Shirzad Chamine.  It was recommended that I check out the Saboteur analysis on his website, and when I did the analysis and saw how much I was dominated by my saboteurs, I felt I would get a lot of of reading his book.  572 more words


Are You One of the 52%?

 “According to Gallup’s 2013 State of the Workplace report approximately 52% of American workers are present but not actively engaged in their work.” (USA Today, 2013) 660 more words

Jodi Ashbrook

Innocuous questions

How are you?

Three simple words.  They could be an invitation to conversation, or simply a polite greeting.  But, then even if it is an invitation to conversation, how do you reply?   434 more words