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allowing vs trying

I am learning and relearning and more deeply experiencing the dance between allowing and striving

when I try, I suck.

when I allow…

(here’s a quick time lapse of a first layer being allowed in a dimly lighted room)

One Chapter Closes. Another Chapter Opens.

After a seven-year journey in the corporate world, almost three of those years living in the strong and proud city of Boston, that chapter of my story is now closed. 843 more words

Life Lessons

THIRTY is Over-The-Hill?

What does over-the-hill mean? It’s a phrase society uses to describe the point in your life where you’re passing over the peak or highest point and getting ready to head down a steep slope toward old age or death. 1,167 more words


What Will You Do With All of Your Time?



We want it to speed up.

Slow down.



Moments of time are ever evolving.

Depending on what we are experiencing and how we are thinking or interpreting that experience. 195 more words

Personal Development

There is a First Time for Everything: How to Move Through Fear

As many of you know, I just had the experience of teaching my first yoga class. I have been a practicing student for over six years so I felt somewhat comfortable with the process of learning how to be a teacher. 277 more words

Life Lessons

juicy stuff

Really happy to report that the juicer is a success in the Binki household, and as I write I have a watermelon, apple and lemon juice ready to sample. 387 more words



Today was not a good day.  Old habits and patterns reemerged quickly today, and the dead energy just permeated everything I touched.  It wasn’t a conscious choice, it was more like a part of me that doesn’t actually want to go through the work of change decided to reappear, and assert dominance.   408 more words