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Lego Cat Nights, Part 3 (and counting)

Today’s group of Legolized cats, stripey, orange-y or holy, is here.

Tigger bouncing around Heathcliff and Sonja.


Azrael and Cheshire Cat (with a hapless Smurf caught in between).


Lego Cat Nights, Part 2

After part 1, another bunch of famous cats comes not-exactly-alive-but-somewhat-more-three-dimensional with Lego blocks. It’s a lot of fun working on this project and the only thing slowing us down a bit is the fact that we don’t have enough blocks of some colors, like orange. 26 more words


Lego Cat Nights, Part 1

While working on 8-bit famous cats poster was a fun of its own kind, we always envisaged it as a sort of blueprint for the really entertaining part of the project, which is making Lego 8-bit cats. 56 more words


Purring in the Night

As more of dog persons we started a while ago our project on famous pets in 8 bit with dogs. But the time has come to pay tribute to famous felines. 209 more words


This One Hates Mondays

Because of a gaming night and a birthday party we failed to finish today’s post but here’s a little teaser:

The rest to come soon.


Cowgirls' Blues

Every now and then we get a little… bluesy, shall I say, because we don’t get nearly enough books to design. Quite a while ago in one of such moods, we designed and set a whole novel: Tom Robbins’ extravagant… 222 more words