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The Politics of Weak Knees and Self-Deception

I don’t know about most people, but music has played an incremental role in my life. Whether it was playing drums behind my piano-playing and singing stepfather in my high school years, playing heavy-metal at the… 833 more words


Selling Out and Self-Deception

On the You Are Not So Smart podcast, I heard that the generations behind me don’t know what the concept of “Selling Out” is. When asked, one interviewee thought it was when a show sold all the tickets. 685 more words


Rabyd Opinion - Lies and Video Tape

It is interesting to me these days how people these days can lie about what they said or what they did when what they said and did is on video tape.  527 more words



People start the same way. We all come into the world. Some of us have more of a chance to survive and succeed than others do but virtually all of us at the moment of birth have at least a chance to be happy and successful. 336 more words


Self-deception and self-knowledge (with a brief excursus on the Socratic elenchus)

I think it a good starting point to claim that someone would’t think of deceiving himself unless that about which he were about to deceive himself were thought to be painful for him to confront. 790 more words

Philosophical Counseling

Oups... or getting our communication out of the box...

Often books are an easy way to get inspired, and this one will inspire you… to get out of the box!

With a very simple title Leadership and self-deception -Getting out of the box (The Arbinger Institute, Ed. 501 more words