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Fool's Paradise

Illusion: delusion, misapprehension, misconception, false impression; fantasy, fancy, dream, chimera; fool’s paradise, self-deception; false consciousness, appearance, impression, semblance; misperception, false appearance; rare simulacrum, mirage, hallucination, apparition, figment of the imagination, deception, trick; magic, conjuring, sleight of hand, legerdemain. 27 more words


Wearing Blinders?

With upper management of a company for whom I had just delivered months of field-training, I explained that many of their supervisors and foreman did not particularly trust nor like them. 95 more words


NaNoWriMo 11/19 Self-Deception & Passion!

Self-Trickery Scheme Follows

When I feel uninspired and unmotivated, I’ve found a game of self-deception that’s been known to get results.

I tell myself, “Just describe the scene you want to write. 183 more words


Bad Faith

We are masters of our own deception.

Aware of what lies before us, we can so readily turn our eyes away, refusing to see it, refusing to take agency, while distracting ourselves from the fact that this is just what we are doing. 97 more words


I Want to Live a Lie

i want to live
a lie

let’s log
in and

let’s wrap ourselves
in pretty pictures

let’s agree that
we are perfect…

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Photography And Art

Rabyd Philosophy - Good and Evil

This is a long time discussion about evil and rationality and it has caused a lot of fights in the philosophical world.  Mostly there is a notion in the ‘let’s be logical’ camp that if we are purely a society engaged in reason that we would always do good.  536 more words

The Problem Of Evil

She's on the wall

how we hold ourselves captive in some form of madness – or another.
I wonder – though I know we are always better doctors in hindsight – if we ever had a choice. 216 more words