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Self Defeating

This is something I’ve struggled with for most of my life. I’m like most of the world, in most things but most definitely in self defeating. 839 more words

Severe Body Image Issues

I don’t know what it is, or why this is coming up all of a sudden. I have been obsessively concerned about my body, yet it seems that not much has changed since I left Boston. 630 more words

A fine wine gets better with age

There are several boxes that individuals trap themselves within. Some common boxes are race, gender, career, family, the typical American dream (house, kids, etc.), or any other self-limiting concepts. 319 more words

Nine Bad Habits That Hurt Your Writing Career

I recently came upon one of those inspirational lists aimed toward business people who want to be more successful. Since I am the sort of person who is always open to change and personal improvement I read it. 631 more words

Writing Advice

12 ways you are self-sabotaging

By David Joel Miller

How many of these self-sabotaging things do you do?

1. Hold onto the past

Most people know they have baggage, resentments left over from the past. 1,112 more words


Self-Sabotage - Compromised Solutions to the pain of unmet needs

Our compromised solutions sabotage any pursuit of meeting our needs.

Need of acceptance/Need of belonging/Need of competence
– compromised solution of people pleasing may result in be popularity but not for who you are but for the image you put forth, sabotaging the only way to get acceptance, the risk to be real. 764 more words

Brokenness And Grace

Have you ever loved something so very bad for you?
Like a story you had to finish
before you went to sleep,
or a boy whose kisses… 21 more words