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Signs Of Teen Relationship Violence

Here’s an article out of the Billings, Montana Gazette about Teen Dating Violence. The article offers some signs of teen dating violence and suggests a solution. 409 more words

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TBI Report On Campus Crime

This is a report from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) on crime on college campuses. Reports of burglary are down but Sex Assault cases are up. 221 more words

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Self Defense Products - www.patriotsafetysolutions.com

Self-defense is a must-know thing whenever you step out of the house alone. Our range of self-defense products like lasers, stain guns and pepper spray at… 10 more words

President Carter's Thoughts On College Sexual Assault

This is an article about College Sexual Assault. Former President Jimmy Carter wants people to recognize that abuse against women not only happens in the third world, but it happens in the United States as well. 291 more words

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Domestic Violence-Encourage Community Involvement

This is an article that was written recently encourage community involvement in Domestic Violence Response.

The author makes the point that domestic violence has been below the radar. 279 more words

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Looking for Best Stun Gun?

The stun gun is perfectly designed to key into the nervous system of the attacker. At http://www.patriotsafetysolutions.com/, you can shop for Small Fry stun gun (800,000) and stun flashlight which is known to be the best stun gun.

Most Popular Streetwise Pepper Sprays

In today’s blog post we’re taking a look at the most popular pepper sprays from one of the most popular manufacturers – Streetwise.

By far the most popular pepper spray by Streetwise is this… 224 more words

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