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i’m on self destruct
lost in my own little world
i’ve fucked up for real

Testimony - Megan's Moving Story Of Overcoming Self-Harm, Abuse and Addiction

It is an amazingly hard feeling to deal with the urges, pulls, whatever you want to call it of Self-Harm and Suicide.  They, of course stem from the effects of my depression.  

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untitled 09172014

I thought don't think
& did not think
and killed the bug.

The Brown Bottle By Penny Jones

As with most lessons on addiction, I have always thought this story could apply to all forms of self destructive behavior. Change the “bottle” to a pipe, a razor, an empty carton of ice cream. 998 more words

Today, if you hear His voice

There’s an old legend about a holy man doing his morning meditation under a tree, whose roots stretched out over the riverbank. He noticed that the river was rising and a scorpion caught in the roots was about to drown. 138 more words


I have a roommate, finally.  That’s settled, so that’s a relief.  I don’t have to freak out about how I’m going to pay the full rent next month, or about being homeless. 532 more words

Deb and I Chose Not to Self-Destruct

Deb has been stopping by in
the mornings

We have
a joint on my front steps
as we watch the other
parents return from their… 204 more words