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The field of Mathematics predates the birth of Christ. Through history, mathematical principles are used in the creation of witty inventions in science, engineering and almost all technology. 663 more words


The Reluctant Writer

Grey clouds were covering the city; a slight drizzle was beginning to fill the air as the writer jerked up his coat around his neck and held his leather briefcase closer to his body.   879 more words

Every Summer has a Story

This summer has been one of tremendous change, like it seems unreal how many phases and lessons I went through. This past year in general was out of the ordinary, faced with more than the average bumps in the road. 2,497 more words

Putting the Light to Rest

The difference between a reason
and an excuse is
Between us
We are full of them
And have none
Nothing sound
but the sounds we make to argue… 109 more words


The Self-Destruction of Man

The Self-Destruction of Man

By Apolinario Villalobos

The uncontrolled greed of man is manifested in his acts of self-destruction. Despite incessant reminder that what is too much is deadly, man still goes on with his caprices for overindulgence in everything he thinks is for his comfort and survival. 269 more words

Apolinario Villalobos

i need to be repulsive

ask me why, and i’d tell you… it’s because my forearm looks too clean.

on the bed this morning, i looked at my scarred arm. my upper arm was scarred enough yes. 307 more words



You’re in my ribcage
I turn my love to wreck it all
you try to gather up the pieces
and I watch you fall
from my fists… 134 more words