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The turmoil and confusing thing we call love

Interesting isn’t it? How we can be so happy and be utterly bored all the same time? Desire someone who is not our own? Not in reality, no. 749 more words


All the Best People Have Bipolar Disorder

  Believe it or not, two days ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and ADD. Most people who know me are not surprised. I’m not surprised. 841 more words

Linear Notes

5So they were scattered, because there was no shepherd; and they became food for all the wild beasts.

Paul thought about hurt, not habitually, or of true volition; hurt only orbited his thoughts sinfully in an elongated ellipses that sped up or was slowed down depending on if her image, his earthly anima, was looming large in his mind in that moment. 691 more words

Sobriety: A Gift for Our Children

By Lynn Thomas

August 19, 2014—This thought occurred to me recently. “What better gift could we give our children then sobriety and working the AA program!” Everything my daughter has today is a gift of Alcoholics Anonymous. 144 more words


There’s more to life than being indispensable.

One of the best things my old Dad taught me was not to take myself too seriously; as this little poem says:
Sometime, when you’re feeling important, 131 more words

Life's Journey

This is the Post They'll Quote on CNN

I don’t even give a fuck anymore. I’m gonna live in a Buddhist monastery for a few months and just wander the Earth afterwards. Seriously. I am having an existential meltdown and I’m barely fighting it off. 42 more words


Full Disclosure

In all my days as a writer, this article took me the longest time to complete. Might have been the hunger. All the same…

Enjoy… 1,114 more words

Writer's Prompt Project