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Shrines (and shower gel)

Many of the earliest remnants that still stand testimony to the dawn of human culture are not fortifications, settlements or battlefields. What our ancestors decided to invest so much time, effort and energy into, that they still remain visible until today are sites of worship and memory. 730 more words

Why Comics are Self-Destructive and Other News


I thought the above article was an interesting read.  It’s by Dana Gould, in the wake of Robin Williams, and it is about why comics are so self-destructive.   86 more words

The couple from The Notebook was in my office today

I work at an optometry office, today I came into work and there was a couple waiting to see the doctor. The wife was talking to herself and would blurt out random words or talk to nothing in front of her. 556 more words



Floundering, floundering, floundering….finally, after superhuman resistance, it’s time to speak to my better ‘alf, wish me luck….

“The Cave”

It’s empty in the valley of your heart… 275 more words


Spiraling Down

With a cigarette in one hand
A bottle of Jack in the other
How many days had it been?
She could not even bother

Unable was she to vent… 100 more words


Drabbles of the Mind: Be my Savior.

I’m drowning.
Please help me.
I’m drowning ….
drowning …..
I’m suffocating.
Don’t get enough in my lungs.
Just breathe.
But not in tears, nor blood, or water or air or emotions. 168 more words


She, Episode 4

Her face swam in and out of focus in the milky glow of the weak lamppost. It sputtered and spat out some pittance of light. It was measly, it was sad, it was pathetic. 1,120 more words