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Self Destruction

What to do, what to do? Have you ever been stuck in a rut? A time in your life when things are supposed to be going one direction, but they’re really going in twelve? 140 more words


The Justifications Are All There

We began dating in my last year of college, when I was 19. Our relationship was full of typical college dating clichés, and I’m not sure why we ever thought it was a good idea. 617 more words


What is normal?

So this is my first blog.

I spent this morning standing in the shower for an hour crying. Because it doesn’t count if no one sees you or hears it. 449 more words

Editing Disorder

Too Far Gone.

How do you expect her to be so obedient when you deprive her of all the care and love she needs so badly to survive?  She no longer feels safe in the one place that’s supposedly her only form of refuge from the harsh extremities of the outside world. 365 more words

The Power Of "The Present"

Depression is a parasite of the mind. It can shatter even the strongest of people and leave them feeling empty and alone on the inside. I know this because I’ve been in states of severe depression many, many times in my life and I’ve always considered myself strong-minded. 318 more words