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To all the little black boys( spoken word version)

To all the little black boys( spoken word version)

To all the little black boys
I’m sorry
Sorry that you live in a society
Where your ideals are scrutinized… 244 more words

Daily Inspiration

Sexy Negative

I coined this term a couple of years ago to describe the allure of engaging in pessimistic, cynical conversations with others, the shared sense of fatalism the glue holding the group together. 1,139 more words


Burning Desire

My love for you falls short of words,

But you will never understand.

I set myself on fire so that you look beautiful,

I would gladly be the dark background so that you could shine. 84 more words


What do you see, when you dream about the future?

Warning this video may trigger Moon children and Soul Spliced/trapped Soul individuals… The intro initiates brain functions to open alters, then the first song “Dream about your future” will have different effects for different victims within divisions of the operation. 128 more words

Two-Faced, Demystified

Dealing with two-faced people, or those with passive-aggressive personalities can be the bane of a workplace, family or social circle existence. You know who I’m talking about–the person who you know for a fact says rude things about you behind your back, but when you ask them directly about it they widen their eyes and play innocent. 585 more words


nothing lasts if your hands linger too long

the nights like this are the ones where you almost ask for help but you can’t seem to spit out the words through the mouthfuls of blood. 361 more words


How I stopped a 10 year self harm habit

Sometimes I get asked how it was I came to be able to stop cutting myself. As this seems to be a prevalent issue amongst the Tumblr… 694 more words

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