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Teach the Children

In a strong, brave America:

I know five children, who once lost their mother and father to drug addiction…

I know five other children who lost their mother and father to domestic violence… 568 more words


Final Hangover

I took tiny bites of the salty, fiery veggie pho spiked with Sriracha and lime juice, normally my go-to hangover cure for its stomach-settling and head-clearing powers. 2,229 more words


Ability to speak and be heard

I did this blog because sometimes I would find some stuff I couldn’t share with anyone close, but I had to be heard I wanted to speak it out. 141 more words


Inside Out Person

…continued from Tuesday

When I was nineteen and in the middle of a major depressive episode that made me numb, restless and irritable for an entire summer, my therapist told me, you’re rather an inside out person, aren’t you? 876 more words



When it gets really bad

I drive myself to the mall

I go to the bookstore

Anywhere public

So I don’t start

The viscous cycle

Of self-destruction

All over again

Creative Writing


I’m shaking, i’m nervous, i’m crying.
Sitting on the couch, fumbling with my shirt.
The atmosphere is so tense.
We are long done eating
We watched tv. 290 more words


Take All Your Pain & Put It On Me (So You Can Breathe)

Does the title resonate? Have you felt this before, wanted to offer this act of service to a loved one? Done it, even? No?

Congratulations, you’re not codependent. 1,015 more words