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Who's the Bike Whore now?

A lesson in forgiveness

The Ex has finally doubled down on insulting. The goofy bastard (and I say that with as much tender heartfelt affection as I can muster) found a way to cut at my sense of Zen when most of the wounds I carry from his past are just ugly, faded scars. 496 more words

Dysfunctional Families


By José  D'andrade - IT Consultant, Head Coach and Swim Clinician at Clinicas de Natacion RD

At first glance he or she can motivate everyone around to give more than they are accustomed to, mainly because of enchantment techniques, ingenious behavior and a lot of charisma (maybe even subtle bribes). 453 more words


Will you hold me accountable?

So, the midnight hour looms. And then?

No more Ethanol

No more Ice cream/Gelato

No more chocolate

No more pasta

Severely restricted breads

More Vegetables… 66 more words

What Was Tasted

101 Uses for Hot Dogs....


We all have them; insidious doubts, irrational fears, and self destructive behavior. AUGH!

I’ve been wrestling with chronic pain long enough now that I consider the condition, “the enemy.” The edges begin to blur and even when you’ve got a slightly, better-than-average chance of not wanting to stick your head in the oven to deal with “the enemy” — you can be found sitting obediently in front of the damn oven doing your hair. 209 more words

Self Destructive Behavior

Ready to Learn a New Way

I am perhaps like the fish
who is attracted to the hook,
the thrill of the line—
though barb is sharp,
at least for a moment… 8 more words