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The meeting that saved my life

I don’t know when it started.  I don’t know exactly why it happened.  But I know that it became my image, my mindset, my identity. 711 more words


Warning: It's About to Get Weird and Real In Here

I had a…moment…in my barre class today. I almost started crying in the middle of the barre class. (have I mentioned I no longer take hormonal birth control? 762 more words

Challenging Negative Self-talk: Four Exercises to Change Unwanted Thoughts

Yesterday I was toting groceries from the car to my front door when an entire six-pack of Pellegrino slid out of its bag and hit the walkway. 624 more words


Veronica Mars: Citizen of the Galaxy.

Warning: Spoilers for the Veronica Mars Movie.


We didn’t go to the theater. Veronica Mars was one that we wanted to watch at home. We like to pause and discuss and movie theaters stingily refuse to let us do that. 936 more words

What's the upside of feeling too sad for chocolate?

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The instant gratification and the pleasure derived from consuming excessive chocolate and deep-fried foods can lead way to a double-edged sword of negative consequences ranging from weight gain to feelings of low self-esteem. 530 more words

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Watching a 'life lesson' b4 your eyes . . . brings accountability 😓

Ok, you know this will be hard to follow. And it’s not the Gin. I JUST tapped that. But it’s, well . . . let’s just do this. 557 more words

Oh, he can't help it, he's got __________

So everyone’s got something now. It seems not that long ago it was ADHD. Now it’s Asperger’s. And of course, we adults get to have bipolar. 197 more words