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Evolution: God's Game

Evolution: God’s Game

A documentary that takes Deistic approach on defining evolution as just one of the tools in the God’s repository. As if most of the people failed to understand Darwin’s message and there is nothing in… 432 more words


Why do I feel like this?

“My life is in a mess! I continually stuff up relationships pretty quickly … and everything is my fault! I always do the wrong thing! I cannot say I blame them!” “I often botch up things! 845 more words

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Who are you?

Who are you? Why are you here on earth? What are you capable of? These questions are pivotal to your and my existence. Over the centuries, they have been central to millions upon millions of people’s struggle in life, and still continue to be the cause of the search of self for many of us. 820 more words

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The Struggle of "WHY?"

One of the most controversial issues most of us struggle with is why bad things happen to good people – even to innocent children. Yet, the Word states that the Lord is good to all and that He has compassion on all He has made (Psalm 145:9) and that His plans and purposes for us is not disaster, but to give us a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). 655 more words

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Worry, Fear and Doubt


Many of us have grown up in a home environment where one or both of our parents had been worriers. You know what I am talking about – where the worst was almost always expected and the probability of calamity around the next corner was almost a “certainty.” 1,044 more words

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The Treasure Within

“I’ve been reading inspirational books for a long time, and I know that there is a reason for my existence on earth. The only problem is, I’ve been searching for it all my life, and here I am at forty-five years – judged by the world’s standards as quite a successful person. 628 more words

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