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Web of Life Connections - Hawk

As with everything life sometimes gets in the way of that which is planned such as drawing a connection within the web of life to work with for the week. 216 more words

Self Development

Do You Think You're a Loser? Well, You're Not!

Hello Ya’ll

All of us have doubted ourselves at some point in our lives. We didn’t think we could accomplish or attain somethings we wanted. Most of the time it was due to a life situation in the past that caused us to draw that conclusion. 107 more words


Book Review - Labyrinth Wisdom Cards

Labyrinth Wisdom Cards – Author: Tony Christie

Tony Christie is a knowledgable and experienced labyrinth designer, labyrinth builder and artist who has as created a beautiful set of cards to inspire, teach and present the labyrinth in a new way. 338 more words


The Frequency of Everything*

The Frequency of Everything*

By Douwe Boschma


Everything has its vibration and is vibrating at its own frequency.

If we are in a certain country, landscape, house or situation or if we meet someone, then that particular frequency that we meet will either harmonise perfectly with ours, or it does so partially, or it doesn’t harmonise with ours at all. 2,013 more words


How to Maximize Your Chances at Success

Howdy y’all!

Hope all is well!

Write those goals down, tattoo them on your chest!

Make it happen.


Kiss and Tell

Some do it to get approval from his/her same-sex friends. Approval that he/she is doing the right thing, right? Tsk-tsk.

In my POV, this behaviour reveals their true character: someone lacking in self-confidence and self-esteem and especially someone who can’t be trusted! 89 more words


Pagan Blog Project - Spirit Guides

One of the things I do is Spirit Guide Readings and I was asked by a client recently if I could explain how I work with my guides in this way and having gone through it for them I thought others might be interested, after all it’s always fun to compare how we work isn’t it. 660 more words