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Career or Not to Career That is the Question...Or is it?

Man I have spent a long time studying .. in fact I would say that I have probably spent as much time studying as I have working in a “real” Job actually … all in search of my almighty career, my purpose, you know – that thing that I am supposed to be doing with my life that makes me a million dollars so I can retire at a youngish age and get on with living my life. 423 more words


Friendships are a beautiful thing.

Friendships with an ex? Toss that idea out the window! I don’t wait for three strikes. If the boyfriend doesn’t have the “friend” aspect of a beau in him, he’s out and could never be a friend (the platonic type friend) after the breakup. 156 more words



You can have the greatest Ideas, goals, plans and methods to what you want in your life or you could be stuck, lost and confused, lacking direction to where you want to go. 157 more words


People need stress

In the prehistoric times human beings were constantly under stress. Imagine a life full of survival, extreme dangers, hunting, escape from wild animals and so on. 253 more words


Practical Spirituality for Our Times*

Practical Spirituality for Our Times*

“The Exploration of Consciousness” features Jim Porter, a former employee of the University of Science and Philosophy who knew and worked with Lao Russell. 146 more words


A response to a friend

After a wonderful response from my friend, I had to write my own response. It was an enlightening process.

Hey friend,

I love that line you said in one of your emails – “Some say that sensitive hearts hurt too deeply to love. 2,198 more words


Sweden Recycles 99per cent of Its Waste*

Sweden Recycles 99per cent of Its Waste*

By April McCarthy

There’s a revolution happening in Sweden right now. Dubbed the “recycling revolution,” the Scandinavian country now recycles 99% of their garbage, edging closer to a zero-waste lifestyle, nationwide. 1,890 more words