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The Rightest Definition of Leadership

Damn, Sandberg’s word about leadership is great, I admit it. I’m quite sure that this word came from her experience as the COO of Facebook. 540 more words


Web of Life Connections - Thought and Peace

Two for the price of one today :) Dipping my hand into the bag I drew what I thought was one card but which turned out to be two. 148 more words


Becoming Great Doesn't Happen Overnight! Conquer Your Goals One Step at a Time.

Last video post was 20 days ago. Holy cow!

Well, here’s an update of whats been happening in Kevin G’s life!

Make it happen.


When is it Not Love?

Sometimes TV reflects the values we have about romance, love and marriage.

You see them in the same room. You get a feeling. Then too soon you’re thinking you’re both in love; however most of your relationship you’re in the sack. 268 more words


The Benefit of Adversity

Have you ever wondered why things happen the way they do in your life?

Ever just took a look around and seen others being successful while you’re struggling ? 706 more words


Shadow Process Workshop in Los Angeles

I don’t know about you, but this time of the year has me thinking about what I have actually managed to accomplish during the year – what has worked, what hasn’t… 594 more words

Integrative Coaching

Web of Life Connections - Death

I had more than a little trouble drawing today’s card. As I dipped my hand into the bag several cards attached themselves to me and trying to separate them proved difficult. 190 more words