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Appreciate the little things

As humans, we have a tendency to always want more and expect more. While this attitude is beneficial for fuelling a desire to improve and grow, it’s easy to forget what we’ve already achieved or currently have. 377 more words


Pagan Blog Project - Understanding

A lot of my time is spent working with students of Reiki, Shamanism, or general energy work and one of the thing that I am kept constantly aware of is how often some of them expect to understand everything immediately. 702 more words


Guantanamo Prison Guard Converts to Islam*

Guantanamo Prison Guard Converts to Islam*

God is more pervasive than the act of force-feeding fasting Muslims

In United States Huntsville Alabama Terry Holdbrooks Jr., 29 converted to Islam. 176 more words


The five Secret Ways To Live Real Life

We are in a beautiful world where you can find beautiful things and get the best out of the best. Life itself is beautiful when all the secrets are properly follow and practice. 526 more words

The Secret


Y= Your
O= Own
U= Universe

You Can Do What You Don’t Like And Still Excel, But Until You Do What You Are Designed To Do You Cannot Be Happy. 304 more words

Vitamin Of The Mind

You Are Going to Die Soon! Make Every Second Count.

Thought I’d try something different and I hop on the wagon of trending motivational videos. I personally had a lot of fun doing this. I recorded myself pretending like I was giving a speech. 14 more words


The formula for result

The Secret of Result

I just found The Secret of Result.

Please understand that lack of result doesn’t connote lack of work. Keep doing what you love to do, one day result will come. 96 more words

The Secret