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Connections - Passion

As I drew the connection for this week, even though I had drawn it for everyone reading my blog, it really resonated with me.

For the last month or so I have been working as part of my Bardic training, with the element Fire and two things that have come up frequently through the work are Responsibility which was the last connection drawn and today’s connection, Passion. 94 more words

Self Development

Cock Blocking

Now there’s a word I’ve only heard and that because I subscribe to other Blogs on WordPress.

When someone interferes with you starting a new relationship, most people would mind but not I. 274 more words


USDA to Approve ‘Agent Orange’ Crops!

USDA to Approve ‘Agent Orange’ Crops!

On August 6 (2014), the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), over the objections of 50 members of Congress, and more than 500,000 citizens, scientists, farmers and health professionals, … 391 more words


A 10-Pound Conception Problem

Since my seven-year old mind was on marriage (and if I was a guy I’d be thinking about doing the dirty with a model) to today, marriage and children have been something I wanted so much. 327 more words


I am Grateful for the earth!

Yesterday I was thinking a lot about how grateful I was for nature and especially here in Brighton.

1. I am grateful for the amazing weather we get in Brighton and Hove that allows me to take Ollie out most days. 82 more words


Connections - Responsibility

I thought I’d treat us to a second connection this week as I had some time. Dipping my hand into the bag today I got Responsibility… 97 more words

Self Development

Day 66: Timing is Everything

Well… it happened. I’m out of commission :/

Yesterday I was moving a big potted plant and my lower back gave out.

I’m a bit bummed, but the funny thing is that I was preparing to film some exercise videos right before this happened. 235 more words