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Choices of the Heart

Choices – we are faced with them everyday. The choices we make today determine the path we walk. How many of us are walking on the path that measures up with the deep desires that God has placed in us? 351 more words


How to efficiently lose bodyfat while maintaining lean muscles: part 3 big why's

So I have talked about external and internal techniques to go about losing bodyfat while keeping your lean muscles last week. Now is the time to talk about why we do what we do: you need to start with WHYs. 588 more words


Selfie Time

I’ve never had a very strong sense of self. Almost as if this entity that everyone calls “Raff” doesn’t really exist outside of other people. My self-deprecation has hit some pretty disgusting lows in the past; to the point where I’ve found myself wondering what purpose there was to continue if I wasn’t taking care of someone else. 475 more words

Fear of Authenticity

For decades I have been trying to fit into a certain society, learn the right lines for the role; find a sense of it all. Not with the best of luck, as I am still trying to understand. 439 more words

Find Truth About Yourself

When A Man Wants You

When will you learn
That he loves you
I mean he loves the idea of you
But he does not like you
I mean
At all … 147 more words


Enough is enough.....

The abbot of a once famous Buddhist monastery that had fallen into decline was deeply troubled. Monks were lax in their practice, novices were leaving and lay supporters deserting to other centers. 200 more words

Self Development

Leadership – How do you know if it’s working?

I well remember when I took up my first ever management role and had the responsibility of people reporting to me. I was working for Network Southeast, a part of British Rail, and when I moved into the job I inherited a couple of office based staff and four teams called the Heavy Cleaning Gangs. 489 more words