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The End is in Sight

If the rate of change outside your organization is greater and faster than the rate of change inside your organization, the end is in sight. –Jack Welch… 148 more words

Self Development

Registered First

About ten years ago, my mentor told a story “it’s like someone who sweep an office floor everyday, but he’s not even an employee there. So should he never expect all of his kindness to be paid, not even for a single tip. 53 more words


Coloring the Glass

Once my uncle said this to me: “a glass which is used to serve coffee everyday, will turn darker (fade to black). And if it’s for tea, it will become browner. 83 more words


One's Pride depends on One's Tongue

My teacher once wrote this on the year book as his quote: “Ajining diri gumantung soko ing lati“. It’s in Javanese, which means someone’s pride really depends on what and the way he/she said, or doing, or writing. 50 more words


Fall back, charge, then unleash hell!

It’s called Hijrah. I’ve seen such glories this way. Live ones. When the battle was so strong, no helps about to arrive, but slaughter and collateral damage, then that’s the ‘legitimate’ time to fall back. 102 more words


Good, Better, Best

Never doubt on our prayer. If it’s granted as is, then may it’s ‘Good’ for us. If it’s refused (somehow we knew it’s refused), then somehow (it seems) we’ve been given something ‘Better’ instead. 17 more words


Permanent Marks

Maybe it’s an old stories told by some people about hurting someone else. There was a father who told his son to manage his anger by hitting strapping a nail into the fence whenever he upset. 129 more words