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Day 282: Another look at Self-direction

Most of my life I spent as a follower, standing and remaining in the background, waiting until some direction opens up for me to walk into. 1,009 more words

Authentic Leadership: A Self-Admission

If you’ve read other entries in this blog you’ll know that I’ve always been a proponent of encouraging people to be autodidacts, to seek knowledge on their own and to engage in the joy of learning. 398 more words


Go ahead, be an amateur.

From time to time while doing work online, I’ll get distracted and find myself Google-ing various word definitions. A particular one that I searched up was the word… 425 more words


Erictopia: Or, why I should listen to my teenage self.

I hate to admit it, but I’m an adult. I say adult things and hold adult responsibilities. I laugh at jokes I wouldn’t have found funny at 14. 541 more words


Curiosity: The Constant Unhappiness?

March 10-17, I moderated Week 6 of #SlowChatEd. The topic was ‘The Art of Curiosity’. This is my reflection. It’s cross-posted on the #SlowChatEd blog… 1,171 more words

Is 'Sleeping In' Really About Being Tired? - An Artists Journey To Life - Day 594

Today when I opened my eyes to get out of bed, I did not want to get up.

For the past while I have been deliberately assisting and supporting myself with the point of establishing a more stable and supportive ‘morning routine’ which implies that I would not be sleeping in, or at least that was part of the agreement I made with myself, though today this point came up of where I had that experience of ‘not wanting to get out of bed.’ 983 more words



In the Great Silence

The vast Spaciousness

of nothingness


the great Excitement

of ideas waiting to be birthed

into Reality

In Creation

Education Of The Individual