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Self-disclosure can be very scary

Well, I did it. I made the first item of the agenda “self-disclosure.” (My Leadership in Progress post talked about how self-disclosure was a tip from the Bankable Leadership program.) I have to admit I was a bit nervous about sharing things about me, and I wondered what the team would think of that agenda item number one. 800 more words


Three Things Thursday: Friday Edition!

I couldn’t focus enough last night to sit down and post, so here is the extra special, Friday morning edition of Three Things Thursday (all three things are from Thursday–using today would be cheating), followed by some other stuff: 492 more words


Leadership in Progress—Building Trust

My last post might have seemed like a blatant plug for Dr. Tasha Eurich’s Bankable Leadership book (2013, The Eurich Group, LLC; Greenleaf Book Group Press). 1,153 more words



Just before I walked in the seminar room before the team building workshop , I thought of how those four hours would not help me look at those 24 faces any differently than I did for more than four months. 353 more words

The Hiding Place

“Mom, do want to see the present I got Dad for Fathers’ Day?”

Seeing that she is headed to the front door of the house, I reply, “Yes, but where is it?” 492 more words

Breast Cancer

Challenging and confronting



  • lack of awareness
  • failure to think things through
  • self-deception
  • choosing to stay in the dark
  • choosing to not look at consequences…
  • 277 more words
Counselling Skills