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Who do I say I am?

Yikes … it’s self disclosure time. Again?

I thought I had done this previously in my About section, but I agree with Blogging 101 suggestion,  it would be good to place a business card on the table. 613 more words

Encounters With Myself

Torch Song Eulogy

I have given up on us

because you gave up on us

before I ever came along.

You saw in me some hope

that maybe you were wrong… 301 more words

The Risks of Disclosure

(I wrote this way back in 2012. In a way, it’s a promise. A promise that I WILL finish all my stories. In time. I will.) 1,302 more words


Fitness to Practice - Why I've not been blogging.

It’s been a while hasn’t it folks! As some of you may know I live with quite a few chronic illnesses. Unfortunately I have had a flare up of some of them, whilst other symptoms are still being investigated. 321 more words


August 2014 Update

It’s been a little while since I produced an update, mainly because I have been waiting for a few pieces of the jigsaw to fit into place. 587 more words

Sharing Lived Experience

The Boundaries of Self-Disclosure in Clinical Social Work

Have you been asked personal questions?

As a social worker at a family service centre, Amanda works with various clients. One of her clients, Susan revealed that her husband had been abusing her physically. 144 more words


My Own Journey Towards Becoming an Intentional Expat

I wasn’t always an intentional expat. In fact, only a year ago  I would have considered myself more of an accidental expat rather than an intentional one. 1,487 more words