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Today I had a decision to make – my daytime work is filming something that I am a part of that will end up on youtube. 740 more words


Self-disclosure and the "art" of not losing friends on SNS

Reading a little bit of self-disclosure and privacy literature recently, I asked myself (and you, readers!): What’s the best way for not losing friends on Facebook? 717 more words

The Authentic Therapist

“You see a therapist?!?”

I think this question is posed for several reasons. But, if I practiced mind reading, which I never recommend doing, this is what I think is really behind this question: 948 more words

Writing--the necessity and beauty of it

It has been over a week since I’ve written on my blog! This is my worst nightmare!! If I don’t write, I lose an important part of myself, and the thoughts that constantly swirl around my head threaten to overwhelm me. 173 more words


Why do people spend so much time talking about themselves?

The Neuroscience of Everybody’s Favorite Topic:

Human beings are social animals. We spend large portions of our waking hours communicating with others, and the possibilities for conversation are seemingly endless—we can make plans and crack jokes; reminisce about the past and dream about the future; share ideas and spread information. 1,002 more words


Let the Client Matter

When I finished my second internship for grad school, my colleagues gave me the book The Gift of Therapy, by Irvin Yalom. I finally got around to reading it six months later. 481 more words

Getting Risk Management Status Approved Efficiently

Last year Cal North mandated a comprehensive background check program. Thousands of coaches and team administrators were fingerprinted and approved as a result. Team officials scanned and approved last year do not need to be reprinted, as already entered results have been imported into the new Data Management System. 382 more words