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Seven Lessons from Small-Town Folk - A Texas Town Love Story.

July 10, 1877: How can there be so much blood? John knew what he was seeing wasn’t good. Blood this dark meant something serious; something arterial hit by the bul­let. 2,741 more words


Headspace Days 3-4

Day 3 - I have had a major headache all afternoon, so keeping a clear head has been difficult to say the least. I’ve also felt incredibly fidgety too in both my mind and physically in my body. 293 more words


Day 2

Dear lover…

The thing about heartbreak, it’s shitty, but not all that stinky…

Firstly friends start spoiling you rotten. I have the best girlfriends in the world! 578 more words


Message From Rob

I want to share a message I received from Rob on July 12th. It came in after I had been chatting with a friend about Rob and H and the confusion I have been experiencing. 560 more words

Hello, I Believe We've Met?

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different.”

- C.S. Lewis

Happiness. That has been a focus of mine over the last 2 years.

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9 Things I've Learned The Hard Way

Today marks the 8,541st day that I’ve been alive. That makes me 23 years and some months old. What am I doing with my life? Working a couple of retail jobs and trying to get by, like countless other people that I know. 1,975 more words


Here’s the promised post. However, I won’t do the book justice so please just read it..

As I’ve been traveling, I’ve been hoping that suddenly, epiphany will hit.

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