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Paying the Piper

Thump. Push. Groan. Remove the pick.

Thump. Push. Groan. Remove the pick.

I need a shower to wash away the grime. The evidence of what I should not have attempted to do.

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Self Discovery

Tokens of Magic

I’ve always been superstitious. I love magic potions, fortune telling, folklore, and voodoo, and I believe in magic spells. As an adult, I still don’t want my feet to touch the sidewalk cracks. 332 more words


A Girl's Voice?

Do you think we (as a society) coax girls to find their voices? Last night, I was watching a documentary on Richard Pryor. It told the story of when Pryor found his voice. 236 more words

Women's Issues

Turning Korean

When friends and family tell me I look like a Korean now, I do not think they are serious. But recently I have been mistaken for a Korean by Koreans. 476 more words


I get that it's hard living with an introvert

This is a great article about how to love an introvert. I get that it’s tough, I’m not easy to love. But here’s why… 564 more words


Quote of the Day

You can’t chase happiness. You’ve got to find it where you are.

Line from Christmas on the Bayou



Allow me to introduce myself. I am a wanna-be chef even though I don’t know the first thing about preparing a meal. I have daydreams about being the next Chopped Champion on Food Network despite this handicap. 767 more words

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