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I spent so much time terrified by a book.
This little blue book, filled with practical and profound knowledge.

I was terrified of its pages, of what the words might suggest. 59 more words

I am not a number

I am not 38.

I am not 59.

I am not 187.

I am not 45.

I am not 29.

I am not a rape victim. 150 more words


Actions Speak Louder - Self-Discovery Review

Actions Speak Louder is a post-hardcore solo-project from Orlando. Working with a musician/producer from Savage Studios in Ohio, Byron Peck has managed to write a solid debut E.P, Self-Discovery. 247 more words


A Room of Her Own: I'm No Good at Relationships

One thing I’ve realized is that self-reflection is the key to self-discovery. So – I’ve decided to add an additional segment to the blog, amply titled, “A Room of Her Own” (an ode to one of my favorite authors, Virginia Woolf). 332 more words


The Road Ahead

The road of life has so many twists and turns that there are days it feels more like a roller coaster than a road that you are on.   318 more words

Life Changes

Become a Sponge (aka Sharpening Your Mind to Help You Heal)

I’ve talked a lot about the use of creativity to help heal your mind and your heart on the other side of a divorce. The output of your mind. 426 more words


Thinking Ourselves Out of Beauty

Episode 14

Something  dawned on me earlier today that I wanted to share. I know I haven’t been active on my blog for the past ten days or so, and this post probably won’t be as long as the rest – or maybe a stream of consciousness will kick in and allow me to keep on going; I have no idea, I haven’t planned this like the other posts … I don’t even have a title for this yet (the title you see above is an afterthought). 1,121 more words

Soul Journey