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BMW takes its cars to the racetrack

BMW is also racing to a 2020 autonomous vehicle debut.  To research driving at high speeds and in tricky conditions, BMW has taken it’s test vehicles to the racetrack.  85 more words

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Nissan Pushes Ahead

In August of 2013, Nissan chief executive Carlos Ghosn announced that Nissan was on track to releasing autonomous cars by 2020.  Nissan was the first major auto manufacturer to commit publicly to autonomous vehicles, and it has pushed strongly ahead ever since.  261 more words

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How close are we really to driverless cars?

Google’s driverless car prototype makes autonomous cars look like they’re right around the corner, but the verdict isn’t out on when they’ll hit your local dealership. 68 more words


FBI warns about self-driving cars, might help criminals

Self-driving cars are looking to be the next big thing in automotives, a branch which has seen few major changes in the past few decades. If you ask Google, then certainly. 219 more words


Disrupting the drive-by? Why the FBI's warning about driverless cars and shootings is silly

Every bank robber or mob enforcer has faced the following dilemma: You want as many hands holding guns as possible to pull off your heist or gangland-style execution, but you always need to designate one lead-footed thug to drive the getaway car. 512 more words

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FBI: Google's self-driving cars may become 'game-changing lethal weapons'

Self-driving cars, such as Google’s experimental vehicles, will be available to buyers in coming years, but the FBI is not particularly thrilled about their arrival, … 316 more words


FBI warns that self-driving cars may make it easier for criminals to evade authorities

Google recently gave the world a look at its homegrown self-driving vehicle and although it looks like something out of a Saturday morning cartoon, not everyone is convinced that the company’s cutesy car will be used for the good of mankind. 130 more words

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