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A self-driving car for goldfish

A Dutch design studio has given goldfish some freedom by unveiling its fish tank on wheels.

Studio Diip’s ‘Fish on Wheels’ is a robotic four-wheeled car, attached to a bespoke tank that includes a webcam that tracks the goldfish’s movements. 103 more words


Google Self-Driving Car: A Long And Winding Road to Success

Google unveiled a brand new self-driving car prototype; the first company to build a car with no a steering wheel, accelerator or brake pedal.

Design Concept of the Day: Ligier EZ-10 driverless shuttle

The Ligier Group has shown its driverless shuttle vehicle at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Chengdu, China, this week, and has partnered with Robosoft Technology… 774 more words


Robots Should Drive My Taxi

During my three years in Singapore, majority of things have improved.

Trying to get taxis and travelling with them is however becoming more frustrating every day. 898 more words


On Sharing the Road with the Robots

Not to be a whiner, but the techno-gods have really dropped the ball when it comes to transportation advances. Their promises of flying cars and jet-packs turned out to be so much smoke up our sphincters. 668 more words


The Smart World only works, if everyone is a part.

Nest, famed home automation company, recently acquired by Google are aiming not just to automate the home, but also transport. Speaking at the Dublin Web Summit… 395 more words


Why Tesla Will Beat Google to the Self-Driving Car

At first glance, Tesla’s announcement this month of “the D”, is no big deal. The Model S will now come with all-wheel drive; it accelerates a bit faster and adds assisted-driving features, like lane-keeping and self-parking, that other luxury cars can also provide. 412 more words