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Chapter 6 Review of Your First Year in Network Marketing

Chapter 6 in Your First Year in Network Marketing by Mark and Rene Yarnell is titled “Fending Off the Scatter Bomb”.  This system is dedicated to those who always wish to change everything because they believe that their way is better.   277 more words

Doing Your Bit

I wrote on another site the other day about how I hadn’t paid any income tax for about five years, in part because of my student status, and then because as a self employed person, I was earning under the personal allowance, thanks to the rise in the limits and the expenses I can claim. 290 more words


Learn How A Mother Of Two Got Rich From HOME!

This training program is simply amazing and the stories that people share are priceless.  Diane Hockman is going let out tons of invaluable information tonight and all of her secrets to success.   104 more words

How To Have A Happy Life

I used to think that the key to a happy life was making as much money as possible.  This false mindset is what set me on the path to enter the medical profession.   224 more words

Self-employment surge is ‘reducing pay, job security’

THE growth in self-employment in the UK revealed in new official figures today is reducing people’s pay, job security and retirement income, say the unions. 121 more words

Human Resources

Two Tried and Tested Techniques for Effective Time Management

I recently shared these with a client who was feeling stressed about having too much to do, and thought to share them here, because, let’s face it, who amongst us has too much time on their hands? 380 more words


Chapter 5 Review of Your First Year In Network Marketing

Chapter 5 in Your First Year in Network Marketing was named “Attacking the Warm Market Warhead”.  It was named appropriately because this is a enormous task to accomplish.   281 more words