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The brain can be a powerful tool to success or sabotage - be careful how you use it!

Here’s a great and easy explanation of how the brain can sabotage a skilled athlete’s performance.  Negative thoughts can be so powerful that they can cause physical reactions at critical moments of performance.  59 more words


Ergonomics for Writers

About a year ago, I cut my hand trying to saw a few inches off the bottom of my desk’s legs. With a bread knife. What? 608 more words


The Working Hours Conundrum

One of the much vaunted advantages of working freelance is that you are supposed to have the flexibility to choose your own working hours. But does it work in reality? 949 more words


the story so far...

I am Moomoo’s mummy. Moo moos was born on a cold January afternoon after a gruelling 3 day labour. Moo moos was born without her dad present, which would be the case for the rest of her little life. 729 more words

Balancing Work With Family Life

Are formatting surcharges still viable?

A query from a colleague yesterday set me off on this train of thought: she’d proposed a PowerPoint surcharge to a long-standing agency client and been told that surely surcharges weren’t relevant any more, now that most CAT tools process files in most common formats. 1,351 more words


Being picky – choosing your words

I’ve been translating for over 30 years now and over that time you come to realise what texts you actually enjoy. Whether or not you end up working on those texts is up to you, but as a freelancer it’s definitely your prerogative to pick and choose. 1,383 more words


Insurance Matters for Freelance Translators – Are you covered?

Progressing from my last post on financial planning for freelance translators and inspired by a suggestion from Marie at Looking Glass Translations, I thought I’d turn my gaze to the thorny topic of insurance for freelancers. 1,763 more words