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It's all about the dinosaurs...

The next project for Lizards in Leotards concerns dinosaurs, although these will be dinosaurs with a difference!  You will have to watch this space to find out more but above is one of the very early sketches of one of our dinos. 207 more words

Childrens Book

Another Monday

Well, I was surprised and disappointed that my son chose not to join us yesterday. I’m struggling to just accept it because I know what a good heart he has and can’t understand why he would not want to give the gift of himself to his nephew. 486 more words


Don't even try and rush me, Wednesday (A freelancer's nail painting guilt)

Painting my nails on a Wednesday afternoon always feels a little scandalous. Never mind that the last 48 hours were an intense marathon of working from waking up through Daily Show time. 329 more words


The Joys of Housing Benefit

Like many single parents I receive help with my rent, but unlike many people my level of housing benefit fluctuates because I am self-employed.

Some weeks I earn nothing and other weeks I earn a reasonable amount (well enough to live on). 561 more words



Another morning of resistance. Not to the writing itself, but to the time constraints. I enjoy the time spent in here with my coffee, soft music playing in the background, while I catch up with new blog posts and keep an eye on the falling snow, but as soon as I check the time to keep myself on track, thoughts of the work day intrude and I’m suddenly out of the writing zone and into the stressful world of a Tuesday filled with commitments.


Why the #AmtrakResidency isn't for me. (But thanks for sharing it with me, everyone on the whole internet.)

Confession: I don’t get the Amtrak writer’s residency thing. I know I’m supposed to be losing my mind over it, as I can clearly see the rest of the internet has. 896 more words


Read this and pass it on ...

I don’t do chain letters and blog award things very often, but I’ve been nominated in this writers’ one, and as I have my new books out at the moment (“ 1,078 more words