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4 Tips to Advance Your Freelance Career, Even When There’s No Work

It’s no secret: Freelancing is hard work.

Instead of one boss, you may have 10, 20, even 30 bosses (aka clients).
You have a lot of different demands, responsibilities, and projects vying for your time and attention. 560 more words

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Working from home & self-employment – My top tips

When I tell people that I work for myself from home lots of them say they wouldn’t have the motivation (believe me when you know you won’t get paid unless the clients work is done, you have motivation). 1,078 more words


Benefits of using a home worker

Since becoming a self-employed homeworker I have pitched for lots of work, some of which are advertised as home-based and others where they have been looking for an in-house employee. 609 more words


The limits of financial security

When starting to freelance full-time several years ago, I began hearing what is by now a familiar statement from people:

“I can’t imagine not knowing how much money I was going to make each month. 257 more words


I’m a Fraud, You’re a Fraud, and It’s Okay

How to Find Success in Your Fraudulent Nature

Far and away, the most important thing I learned in law school had very little to do with law. 554 more words

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Is my Fitbit step count supposed to go into the negatives? Tackling the biggest freelancing quandary.

It is the most common complaint of the freelancer: being cooped up in the house, lots to do, nowhere to go, no human contact in the near future and the seven steps between the desk and the kitchen are the only bits of exercise expected for the day. 432 more words


One-Month Mental Detox

How to Prevent Meltdowns During Times of Transition

You don’t need an excuse: everyone has bad days, weeks… months, even. Sometimes you just feel off. This sense of offness can feel even more acute during times of transition, say, starting a new job. 618 more words

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