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Losing the Paycheck Mentality

One of the challenges I find with being a business owner is breaking the mindset of having a “payday” and a regular paycheck like I did when I was working for someone else. 315 more words

Random Thoughts

On leaving employment and fully pursuing other passions

On 26th May 2014, I will clock 10 years as an employee; a period I am grateful for but at the same time, one that I cannot allow to continue for the next… 84 more words

Writing And The Arts

Learning when to say 'No'

I hate saying ‘no’. To a friend, to a client, to a director. It puts you in the negative. It makes them think you’re being unhelpful or to good for them. 647 more words


Visual Essays - Is It Really Possible To Design Your Life?

Listen to this inspiring story in Jonathan Fields’ interview with Debbie Millman.

Mila Lansdowne

Energised Post of Learning and Optimism

Ahh, there’s something about doing a lot of writing in the day job that really doesn’t lend itself to “leisure blogging” sometimes, but hey guys here I am! 1,159 more words

Advice Guide - Pension Forms

We’ve been receiving lots of feedback from GPs about the difficulty in filling out and returning NHS pension forms.

Previously when you requested that we create an invoice, we’d ask if you claim pension. 339 more words

Put your creative skills to work

Do you have a passion for photography or a flare for fashion? Maybe you have an addiction to art or are wonderful at writing? If so, you might be able to use your creative skills to make money working for yourself. 768 more words