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How to take time off when you own your own business

I graduated from Newcastle University in July 2009 and started out my post-university career in a job related to Civil Engineering, the subject I had just spent four years studying. 506 more words


To home work or not to?

This is an interesting dilemma for millions of freelancers. There are obvious attractions to working from home when you are a freelancer, especially in the early days of setting up, as costs are often an issue. 686 more words


Self-Employed Day Off?

As a therapist, I work with people all the time helping them “set limits” or structure their time accordingly for self-care, focusing on helping them achieve balance in their life.  360 more words


Business Law and Ethics|Legal Underpinnings of Business Law

  Today it is apparent that businesses in the United States have had problems with their owners’ and managers’ practices of being transparent and free from fraudulent activity concerning  dealings with partners, employees and consumers. 1,721 more words



It happened.

I’m free.

As of last week, I’m no longer bound to a 9-to-5 schedule, pretending to care about paperwork and administration.

As of last week, I’m a full-time artist. 380 more words


Take the plunge to self-employment

Take the plunge to self-employment
By Zan Azlee

Arif Rafhan, a close friend of mine, recently quit his full time job at an IT company where he was also a partner in to concentrate on, of all things, doodling.This is a person who has an extraordinary mutant-like talent for drawing and art but had been fully and gainfully employed for more than ten years in a field totally different. 306 more words


Stories of Alchemy—Menstruation, 6 of 10

(This post is one of a series. I’m basically publishing an entire book, section by section. If parts of the post below are unclear to you, or you’ve found your way right into the middle of a thickening plot, reading previous posts will catch you up. 816 more words

Stories Of Alchemy