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What did you say you do?

A typical scenario for me is I meet somebody and the conversation turns to careers I get asked “What do you do?” I respond “I work in public relations” cue one of two responses: 844 more words

Public Relations

The Pros and Cons of Self-Employment

If you are a person who really enjoys working independently and love the idea of being your own boss, self-employment might be the perfect route for you. 606 more words

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On being self employed: there are no appraisals

Almost every day I still feel a little in awe that I now am my own boss. It’s an amazing feeling, and in all the rapid speed of deciding to start our business and getting open, the fact it actually happened sort of rushed past. 609 more words


Employment vs. Self- Employment: The Struggle

*Does walk of shame and waves nervously* Hey butterflies. Before you start throwing tomatoes, let me explain. I know I’ve been gone for awhile but I promise there is a great reason for it which I will explain over chin-chin. 1,414 more words

Self-employment surge is ‘reducing pay, job security’

THE growth in self-employment in the UK revealed in new official figures today is reducing people’s pay, job security and retirement income, say the unions. 121 more words

Human Resources

Self-employment higher than at any point over past 40 years

Self-employed workers in the UK – 2014: ONS

  • Self-employment higher than at any point over past 40 years
  • Rise in total employment since 2008 predominantly among the self-employed…
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4 Reasons I Hate Being An Employee

Recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that I simply hate being an employee.  It’s not that I was a bad employee – I was punctual, reliable, knew my job inside and out, was friendly and caring….I always got great reviews and promotions.   780 more words