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Assertiveness Training-C

The Will to live
There is an instinct or primal will to live deep within each one of us. It is the collective will of the human species to survive into the future, to grow and to expand. 1,377 more words

Happy Thoughts-Today You Can

It’s positive prose/poetry Friday! We’ve got some tips today on, “shaping your day”. It’s all up to us; we DO have a choice.

Find us on itunes, Amazon & Google Play: search for “Stefania Lintonbon” for a selection of affirmation and meditation mp3s. 19 more words


"Stay Centered in SELF"

All of my messages have a single theme over these last few days.

“Stay centered in SELF!!”

All other paths will redirect your precious and valuable energy away from that which is your journey…and lead you to believe that there is something to covet, hold on to, or protect. 519 more words


Don't Take It Personally!

Those four words can have a volcanic effect on one person while another will smile and say “Yea, you are right”. Why is that?

It goes back to the issue of… 214 more words

What I'm Reading Now: Wayne Dyer's Memoir

I have been a follower of Dr. Wayne Dyer for many years. I’ve read, and listened to his books, watched him on PBS, and even attended his workshops. 222 more words


Leading With Your Heart

Let me share a lesson to all those that are on a journey of self-improvement and spirituality.

The truth is, sometimes that road will encumber you from living. 686 more words


My "Jackal" Can Only Be Found Within!!

It’s been a wonderful week of exploration for me and my family in North Georgia.     Nothing seems to be flowing as we had intended….yet we feel completely blessed and joy-filled.     742 more words