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The Scales of Duality have tipped

We’re talking about the balance of Light and Dark.  This balance has been in favor of the Dark side of duality for centuries.  Now it’s a new day and it’s time for a change.  808 more words



The simplicity in saying “No” – especially when done without guilt – creates liberty…peace of mind.

Know what I mean? ~Storm

Spiritual & Personal Development

Adapting to Sudden Changes

I haven’t posted in awhile now because my grandma suddenly decided to sell her property in Loomis that has been in the family for decades. There’s been a lot of rushed cleanup and moving that I’ve been helping out with. 1,057 more words


The World of Mother

I visit a world I would rather be
then many a time in 3D.
If we all listened
to Mother more oft’
we would be that much the wiser… 10 more words

Make Your Physical Actions Count

Make Your Physical Actions Count

We all know the feeling of working hard all day and not getting anything done. At least it seems that way. 644 more words

Among the droves of articles concerning singledom, I knew I had to find my voice. My natal Saturn in Libra, Venus in Leo and Mars in Scorpio “square” had been blamed many a moon for my terrible reputation in forming lasting relationships. 772 more words

Let It Go!

That old couch you’ve sat on for 15 years . . . let it go! Those clothes you vow to wear again . . . let it go! 254 more words