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An Intuitive's Quandary

Every intuitive soul can tell you that they often sense a greater Truth beneath the surface that is presented.     Sometimes that greater Truth reveals the sweet care and love that another is unable to express.     404 more words


Per Fection

I originally wrote this poem for a friend.

You are also my friends, so I’m going to share it with you

Perfection is completion

A signal of an end… 138 more words

Daily Dose Of Encouragement

"The Upside Of Anger" By =Lorna Anne


“The Up Side Of Anger”
By =Lorna Anne

—Some of the most compelling evolutionary changes in life come from an unexpected source—anger! 656 more words

REFLECTIONS: Wise Words For Healthful Living

Genertation of Sexual Energy

Generation of Sexual Energy

There are many ways to prolong sexual arousal and orgasm. Much practice, study and refinement of technique is needed. But above all, Exceed! 255 more words

The victim mentality

There is one thing I have never understood about some people, and that is the way they desperately cling to the victim mentality. I’m not talking about people who have been through traumatic life events, who for the most part I find quite brave and proactive in trying to change their lives for the better. 301 more words

Hamster Wheel Conversations with the Narcissist

One of the most important aspects of maintaining No Contact and going on to recover is being able to see your narcissistic partner for who (and what) they truly are.  442 more words

Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

Selflessness as Pure Selfishness

Selflessness as Pure Selfishness
Rev. Stephen F. Kaufman

     We are constantly reminded by various sources that it is best to give completely of ourselves to others without expectation of reward or special favor as a path of spiritual harmony or, as some may call it, salvation or redemption. 837 more words