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Let It Go!

That old couch you’ve sat on for 15 years . . . let it go! Those clothes you vow to wear again . . . let it go! 254 more words


Modulating Thoughts

This article is an introduction to the concept of modulating thoughts. The exercise of modulating thoughts (or focusing and de-focusing thoughts) is something I’m practicing a lot these days. 469 more words


Why is No Contact So Hard?

Everyone who has been involved with a Narcissist experiences this contradiction of logic.  Severing the relationship with a disordered personality should be a no-brainer, right?  Yet it seems no matter how much our cognitive brain understands the benefit of leaving such a person, we participate in a metaphorical self-flagellation, allowing the abuser back into our lives over and over again, creating even deeper wounds to our psyche due to the sadistic nature of being intimately involved with an emotional abuser. 653 more words

Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

The Plan

Friends, today is a new day and so I begin to form The Plan on what to do regarding the dire situation I find myelf in. 583 more words


Voluntary serfdom; doing something other than what you'd most love to be doing

I often wonder about the percentage of people who can honestly say they are doing what they’d most love to be doing in life. I suspect it isn’t many, probably in the decimal points. 576 more words


What You Say Vs. What You Do

What You Say Vs What You Do

During part of my life I worked as an in-home crisis counselor. I would visit families in crisis and try helping them sort the chaos out and find solutions the crisis. 858 more words