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Robert's Imponderables: Part Four

Completing this series of Robert’s sayings in Transcript §85:

“There never was a time when you were not, and there will never be a time when you disappear.   405 more words

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Why Wake Up to the Reality of Yourself?

Never mind what the so-called experts say, or what anybody says about
what you should do with your experience of life!

It is YOUR experience. 294 more words

Robert's Imponderables - Part Three

Part Three of extracts from Robert’s satsang transcript §85 – see previous posts …

“You have absolutely nothing to do with pondering anything, for the truth is already present, shining in all its glory and splendour, and you are That . 473 more words

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Robert's Imponderables - Part Two

See previous post for more soliloquies from the late American sage and jnani, Robert Adams, who sat with Ramana Maharshi …

“You are not what you appear to be.   453 more words

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Happy Birthday, Robert

Here are some “Imponderables” from the American sage Robert Adams (21 January 1928 11.30pm – 5 March 1997).  

I woke up this morning, saw something on facebook, and was inspired to celebrate his birthday with these “imponderables” from transcript 85 of his satsangs.   414 more words

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" Am I The Cup ? "

” AM I THE CUP ? ”

A monkey sat aloof from the rest of the troop in the forest. He liked it that way. Sometimes, the other monkeys incessant chattering and eating would make him cover his ears. 1,308 more words

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