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A Resonance between Two Models - Part Two

In my previous post, I abridged the full transcript of Ramesh Balsekar’s conversation with Leonard Cohen in early 1999, because it was very long.  Here are the missing bits, including Ramesh’s teaching on Satori.   2,352 more words


Living in this world is HELL

The way I live now is really very unsatisfactory.

Most of the stuff we do in our lives are all unsatisfactory.

Bloody work!! Bloody culture!!! 770 more words


A Resonance between Two Models - Leonard Cohen & Ramesh Balsekar

During my visit to Ramesh in Mumbai, in early 1999, I witnessed the following conversation with Leonard Cohen, and bought the tape.
After I got home, I made this transcript:
3,693 more words

Advaita Vedanta

Inner peace

Raise and fall are inevitable like pleasure and pain. Common man seek for the success and worldly pleasures while the wise man seek for the middle path – peace despite of win or lose. 94 more words


When you read the title of this poem

You may start thinking about your profession!

But, then, that’s not my purport in penning down these verses! 534 more words


14th Sep 2014 - "NEGOTIATION"

I took the job as a freelance interpreter for an art project for Europe – Asia Contemporary Dance Festival, namely “Hanoi star dust”. Throughout the dramaturgy, it was a story of “negotiation” between “freedom” and solid “frame”. 279 more words

Self Enquiry

Nilakantha and the Golden Constellation

Tensions are imagination trapped in illusory codes. The tension appears to have the power to materialise, but it has no substance after the thought.   Whenever I get through a bit of rotten concrete I turn and see how weak it is. 897 more words