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Ganapati Muni's Science of Mantra - Part Four

In this concluding post of the series, Ganapati Muni’s commentary elucidates the forms of Skanda and Indra which bear the mantra’s sound-wave, Sabda Brahman, seeing them realised in his spiritual brother and mentor, Ramana Maharshi of Arunachala… 2,705 more words


Ganapati Muni's Science of Mantra - Part Two

My blog includes my “landmarks”, which I archive within the creative process.  As a  western sadhak searching to become more focused, and to plug in to the “dimension”, I am inspired again by Ganapati Muni’s… 2,424 more words

The Sacred India Tarot

Ganapati Muni's Science of Mantra - Part One

Here’s a four-part post series for scholars!

I haven’t studied the layered meanings in Sanskrit.  But I learnt a few sacred Names and phrases along the way;  I hear the chanting and smell the sandal paste;  the syllables are long musical frequencies;  from in between them, emerge the tantras.   2,116 more words

The Sacred India Tarot

Kabbalah Notes - Companions of the Light

When the author Susan Howatch is writing her novel, she loves all her characters astray and how they develop, light and shadow, bad and good, as they well to life, and she loves them for their problems, their sexual nature, their honest discoveries, their extravagant delusions, and their (some of them) difficult paradoxical-surprise endings. 1,167 more words


A Resonance between Two Models - Ramesh Balsekar & Leonard Cohen: Part Two

In my previous post, I abridged the full transcript of Ramesh Balsekar’s conversation with Leonard Cohen in early 1999, because it was very long.  Here are the missing bits, including Ramesh’s teaching on Satori.   2,353 more words


Living in this world is HELL

The way I live now is really very unsatisfactory.

Most of the stuff we do in our lives are all unsatisfactory.

Bloody work!! Bloody culture!!! 770 more words


A Resonance between Two Models - Leonard Cohen & Ramesh Balsekar

During my visit to Ramesh in Mumbai, in early 1999, I witnessed the following conversation with Leonard Cohen, and bought the tape.
After I got home, I made this transcript:
3,693 more words

Advaita Vedanta