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Who are you beyond who you think you are?

Who are you beyond who you think you are?.

Brilliant rendition of the paradoxes inherent in how we typically think of ourselves.
Saunsea really shows the problems inherent in any form of answer to the question “Who am I?” that involves an answer. 327 more words


The Desert Rose

What is the desert? the innate way of unfoldment: truth.

In the Red Book, Jung journeyed and wrote: “Walking around in a circle I happen to return to myself and to him, the solitary one, who lives down in the depths hidden from the light, held securely by the warm bosom of the rock, above him the glowing desert and sharp resplendent skies. 1,091 more words

The Tree Of Life

The hard question of Conciousness

The Hard question of Consciousness

This is a topic that I often like to reflect on.

Monist philosophers and religions stipulate that everything in the universe is made out of the same basic stuff. 478 more words


What is aware?

In day to day life I often find that we forget that we are actually aware of things. It may seem like a trivial thing to state the fact we are aware. 331 more words


“Find that place which is effortlessly at rest within itself.


“Wanting to reform the world without discovering one’s true self


You ask:
‘How to live my life?’