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ENDURING LIFE: 30-Day Inspirational Challenge- Day 1(Recap)

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Happy Hump Day! I’m here to recap Day 1 of my Inspirational Challenge and share something new with you all. Are you ready? 370 more words


Self Respect

Have you ever wondered?

Do I respect myself?

When I am tired do I rest? When I am hungry do I feed myself well? When I am lethargic do I get active? 281 more words

Over 40

The Choice of Self-Love

Self-love, self-esteem.  Whatever you call it, the perception of yourself that you have of you, regardless of whether it’s good or bad, it shapes how you not only view yourself, but how you live your life and the choices you make that impact your life.   1,198 more words

In the library and technology world David Lee King is a true mover and shaker (in fact Library Journal named him on of the Movers & Shakers in 2008). 536 more words


Just getting a job isn’t enough

If you’ve been unemployed long enough and are surrounded by caring and helpful people like I am you will have to get used to the advice that you should take any job.   896 more words


If Your Love is Hidden Is It Real?

On three different occasions yesterday I was asked what I thought about a woman who is a ‘Side Piece’. Did I think they were wrong or delusional? 1,082 more words

Self Growth

“Is the problem in your control? Yes? Then why worry?, No? Then why worry?”

Let me give a classic example of this: Exams. All of us if not most of us dread the thought of exams and dislike  them from the bottom of our hearts.

192 more words