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Be True to Yourself...

Today’s assignment for Blogging 101 was to take a look at our theme and choose at random, ones we would not typically choose.  I get the concept..I totally do.   156 more words

4-20-14 Daily Parenting Tip

April 20, 2014:

DECIDE:   To tell your child he is safe and important.

PRACTICE:   Today, notice when your child is taking out his frustrations on other people or things. 174 more words

Dr. Mom's Team

Article (Policymic.com) - Bullying and Long Term Effects

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” – Frederick Douglass

Also, it’s important to think about how perceived “bullying” is framed psychologically by the child. 132 more words

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R for Resilience

We talked about resilience, and how it’s an important skill to master. Resilience is a matter of survival. Here are my 5 favorite quotes about resilience: 280 more words


No choice but to take the road less travelled...

Week 2 has passed of my small business course and this path to doing everything myself is becoming more evident. After a couple of unsuccessful follow up calls to places that have the power to employ me on a freelance basis, maybe this is where I’m supposed to be. 323 more words

Loading for Bear

I have a gig with a new band tonight. I’m filling in for the bass player who is out of town. All new band, all new songs, all new sound. 125 more words