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Root Beer and Potato Chips

I see him every couple of weeks, our time spent playing a game and talking about his accomplishments. Tonight, he’s got on his best shirt and a pair of khakis. 704 more words


When You're Feeling Hefty...

Sometimes I can glimpse it. A quick little moment of loneliness that instantly shatters my whole being. It’s like I’m aware of all the good things going for me, the positive steps I am taking to achieve goals and whatnot, but they are instantly squashed by this one stab of reality. 744 more words


When I Grow Up

When I grow up,
I will speak straight
Instead of at an angle,
In words silk-love-lined.

When I grow up,
I will know
What is enough… 75 more words


Where Did The Time Go? And, A Message From The Angels

Whoa!  I’m sitting at my computer and I’m trying to get caught up on a few things….one which is channeling the Angel Messages for the upcoming week so I can get them over to my amazing assistant in time for her to schedule them to go out.  790 more words

Self Improvement

What's Your Talent?

This morning’s readings call me to a sense of balance in evaluating my worth. Too much self-esteem can lead to boastfulness if left unchecked. Too little leaves me unable to function in a world of expectations of success. 590 more words

The First Person Who Called Me Fat

I’ve thought about writing this post for a while, but I’ve been hesitant because I know my mother reads my blog and I would never want to hurt her.  767 more words

General Musings

Quote #4

Don’t let a bad experience change the within you!!