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15 Life Lessons you need to learn

By David Joel Miller

What life lessons do you still need to learn?

There are certain life lessons you will need to learn soon or later. 1,116 more words



Article 1: The Hatchlings of Anita Purity

Article 2: Im Purity’s Escape

Im Purity managed to escape from the forest she used to call home. But the weight of her emotions dragged her to the ground. 149 more words


Qoute of the day!

Ever felt like you were the only one putting in effort in a relationship/friendship? Truth be told if someone has interest in you they are going to make the effort to see you, to talk to you or to make sure you are ok. 108 more words

The Power of Words

Let’s do an experiment. All you will need it a tube of toothpaste. Open up the tube and in the palm of one hand squeeze out about a half an inch of toothpaste. 603 more words

what a joke.

hi all.

it’s obviously been far too long since I’ve sat down to let some creativity that wasn’t related to college flow from my finger tips…so let’s get started. 1,279 more words

4-23-14 Daily Parenting Tip

April 23, 2014:

DECIDE:   It’s OK to know what you need.

PRACTICE:   If you are asked what you need today, force yourself to answer with a choice. 93 more words

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