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Random Thoughts In The Afternoon

Okay, so as usual there are a lot of things in my head again because I never write unless I’m bored and overwhelmed.

Anyway, earlier today when my friend and I were on our way home, we were discussing about how ugly and fat we are. 326 more words

Making others happy?

Somebody shared this picture with me this morning on twitter:

It is remarkable how true this is.
Sometimes it seems that we can do nothing right. 305 more words


Born This Way!

Love yourself, you’re so fabulous ;)

My Playlist!

How The Parents Contribute to their Kids Being Bullied

Did you know that your kids may have learned to be bullied or that it is just a fact of life from YOU? Watch this video to see how. 525 more words

Love the Skin You're In.

We all know that I have issues with my weight. I’m not particularly quiet about that. I’ve started dieting again, which I’m positive will result in failure, but whatever. 276 more words


Trying to get my head to shut up

Over the few weeks I have been trying to distract myself from my thoughts. I seem to be under the misconception that if you go away or out of your house you just leave those pesky thoughts and feelings at home and that they aren’t attached to you and don’t come… Boy am I WRONG, but the fantasy is nice for now.  868 more words


The Difference Between a Victim and a Target

Learn how a person who was referred to as a victim of bullying can be in control. Watch this video to know how to empower your kids. 447 more words