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If you’re anything like me, you refuse to pay for television. Especially since it has become so easy to stream all of your favourite shows online for free. 398 more words


What doing a handstand on someone's knees taught me about self esteem

It happened less than 6 hours after I had arrived in Auckland. There I was, in track pants and a t-shirt, trying to stabilise my core while I balanced upside down, my ‘base’ holding my shoulders up and me steadying myself on her knees while my Best Beloved spotted for us, telling me to tuck my stomach in, move my legs back, keep my arms straight.  477 more words

Things I Think About Thursday

afraid the fool

afraid the fool
may know
and the wind cast
my aspersion seen
and all the world
will know
I am but
a clumsy fool
of weak and undisciplined need… 26 more words


Stand up to ridicule

I actually don’t like being the centre of attention. I feel really self conscious when everyone is looking at me or listening to me. I always assume that everyone is looking or listening and rolling their eyes at me being a total idiot (yes, slight self-esteem issues). 692 more words

Positive Self-Talk

I love the quote “make sure your worst enemy is not living between your own two ears”. Have you ever noticed that we are our own harshest critics? 356 more words

Have women grown up damaged by our society

Well, if the answer is yes, it’s never too late to fix the warped perception society has helped mold. It’s time to break free from that mold and know how truly wonderful you are. 44 more words


Hopping on the blog train... Sharing my story in hopes of lending my heart

Aloha All,

This is my very first blog post ever.  I have been inspired by countless books, blogs, online resources, and people in my lifetime of 24 years and figured I could spread the love and inspiration in hopes of helping anyone and everyone else out there who has traveled on a similar path :) 218 more words