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This year, on Samhain, my wonderful better half gave me a stone. The story behind it was that it was found and nothing was known of it, but it looked “witchey”, so she felt it would be an appropriate thing for me to have. 311 more words


Mix and Match

I have desperately trying to get my hands on the new “Make Up Gallery” Line from Poundland.  Finally, after weeks of un-patiently waiting my local shop finally started stocking it.   391 more words

Weight Loss

To Sign or Not to Sign, THAT is the Question.

I stumbled over this article about Sign Language which I found really interesting.

Many people I meet assume that, as I work with deaf children, I must use sign language and are unaware that many professionals within deaf education, can’t sign and/or work in aural settings where it is either not needed or prohibited. 180 more words

Visual Learning

The Beautiful Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

Georgina Horne is an amazing woman, creator of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and self confessed ‘shoe whore’ she is a delight to spend time with.  The first thing I noticed about George was how beautiful she was (cause I was perving on her on Instagram), secondly that she looks like a rockabilly dream and then thirdly and probably one of my favourite things, her absolutely filthy sense of humour.   1,008 more words

Body Image

The next one

In my last post, I went into some detail about why I havent been writing more frequently. The truth is that there are a number of things that have held me back from creating posts but the main one is that I have not been enjoying the whole blogging experience. 866 more words

Healthy Eating

fear's headlock

Fear is the source of everything I hate and every reason I’m not true to myself and why I’m 22 and not really knowing what I should do with myself day to day, let alone the rest of my life. 447 more words


Self worth

Positive self esteem