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I Am - You Are

I recently read a post on Splitspeak.wordpress.com that contained a poem by Shel Silverstein from his book “Every Thing On It”.  It is called “Masks”.  It so typified, to me, how we go through life so conscious of our shortcomings, or just our differences, that we often never see beyond that.   1,476 more words


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4-24-14 Daily Parenting Tip

April 24, 2014:

DECIDE:   Your child should know how important he is to you.

PRACTICE:   Today, think back to when your child was born.

What did you say when you first saw him? 230 more words

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Be your own cheerleader & cheer on those around you...

What IF the only resolution you made was to love YOURSELF more? It seems like such a simple question, with what “should” be such a simple answer. 1,227 more words


Self Worth? Resistance Revisited

Most of my work on myself and my continuing journey is to expand my self-love and self-care having followed a lifelong path out of self-esteem and self- worth issues. 259 more words

Self Esteem


Why do I want to lose weight?

It is the question I have asked myself a hundred times. By this point, maybe it’s even been a thousand. 587 more words

Seven Months of Healing 3.0: Slowing Down

Sitting across from Jenna, I was ready to jump into my third Gestalt session immediately. After all, I had made the appointment with a couple of topics to divulge so why wait? 484 more words


Exercising Self-Love is the Greatest Workout

For a while, I was extremely motivated in my goal to become thinner. I, of course, was under the pressures of society and the media to be skinny. 301 more words