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Thursday Throwback - How I Improved My Self-Esteem

Okay so first of all, I realize that it isn’t Thursday. But apparently, I didn’t realize that yesterday when I thought it was Wednesday. So there you have it. 1,900 more words


The Photogenic Generation




adjective: photogenic

(especially of a person) looking attractive in photographs or on film.

“a photogenic child”

 As I sat in work this morning me and a couple of my colleagues started having a ‘I know a cuter baby than you’ competition.   772 more words


Musical Note: Another Semester & Florence and the Machine

Hallelujah I am done with another semester graduate school! Of my whole academic career, this was by far my hardest semester. Going in, I knew it was not going to be easy. 310 more words

Musical Notes

How a Woman of Power Travels

She travels with her Heart in arms.
It is a gift She comes bearing.
In the other fist, she clasps her
staff and symbol.
At times, she forgets, until she remembers,
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What is on your mind?

Before you type the status on Facebook, it asks you “what is on your mind?” You are encouraged to share your thought and your feeling. However, are you sure that you perceive things around you as they are, or you sense and judge them according to the world of your mind? 530 more words


On being real

Sometimes I just get up and leave.
I do.
If I don’t want to be somewhere…
If the company I’m keeping isn’t allowing for each and every one of us to step up and be the greatest version of ourselves… 960 more words