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Why Me?

Once again it’s been some time since I wrote anything for the blog. Not because things are going great, but not because they aren’t either. 1,420 more words


Day 43 - Vitiligo Hair - The Prologue

So I have this little issue in my life. It’s called vitiligo and it’s basically the whitening of the skin. It’s frustrating because know one’s sure why people get it or what triggers it or how to cure it. 379 more words

What Are You Watching?!

oday my diatribe will seem to be off the subject of fitness, but in reality has everything to do with being healthy of mind and body. 559 more words

Health & Fitness


The number of TV shows I watch is greater than the amount in my bank account.

I feel more emotionally attached to fictional characters than real people. 175 more words



My whole entire life I have been criticised. I started ballet when I was almost 4 years old, ballerinas are supposed to be graceful and petite. 619 more words

Train Of Thoughts

Ideally, I would be reaching for glass of wine right now.

In the space of 21 weeks I’ve gone from a fairly easy going, very easily persuaded little lady to this super opinionated, can’t-hold-anything-back, feisty little woman and I’m so very confused! 1,298 more words


Has "self-esteem" missed the mark?

“Self-esteem” is a buzz word I grew up with. I participated in work shops geared towards young women with low self-esteem and I worked at a summer camp where we were all about boosting self-esteem. 594 more words