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Invisible Details

Went in to have an aggravated mole looked at, but the doctor found several pre-cancer spots along with the mole.

Glory hallelujah.

He took a canister, with a pipe attached, and froze all the spots to death, making my face look like a vicious-cat-fight-arena, providing me with a high low-self-esteem. 113 more words


Taking the Sin Out of Eating

I love Trader Joe’s- enough that I do almost all of my grocery shopping there.  I will sing their praises all the day long for their delicious food and manageable prices.   858 more words

Body Image

79: Consider Your Needs

Topic: Answer this question in one or two sentences in your Beautiful You journal: What do I need right now more than anything else? Then figure out how to give it to yourself. 91 more words

Optimism Bias.



I’m feeling so well right now.  A couple of years ago, in the midst of my mini mental breakdown, and the beginning of my gender exploration, I nearly swore off people for life. 964 more words

Ten things I wish I knew at 16

Dear Katie,

Sweet sixteen? Doesn’t feel so sweet, does it. It’s hard to see beyond your bubble of school, relationships and family right now, but you have a whole life to live, so try and keep a bit of perspective. 795 more words


Love Your Body

It does amazing things for you – every day!


The Unhappy Majority

I had the opportunity to work in a behavioral hospital for two years and get to know quite a few people that were struggling with depression. 1,049 more words