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So if we are becoming more aware of our weaknesses, that doesn’t mean we are drifting away from Him; it may well mean that we are drawing closer. 46 more words


The Science of Accountability

Regardless of how much has been revealed on the importance of team work, we still have masses of people living like Lone rangers. The deception of trying to go it alone is the very trap that is putting the limiting ceiling on success for most people. 610 more words


The Continuing Evolution of Wanna-Be Writer

Location: Chairs Public House, Spokane, WA
Music Playing: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Soundtrack (sans the best track of the album, thanks for nothing Spotify) 1,106 more words
Miscellaneous Musings

Today's Gem of Gratitude #314

Today I am thankful for cotton. Though cotton carries with it a somewhat unpleasant history in this country, it has certainly proven itself to be a very useful material. 164 more words


Today's Gem of Gratitude #313

Today I am thankful for air conditioning. As much as I enjoy living in the desert and basking in the glorious sunshine that comes with the territory, the heat, even in the pre-summer period, can be a bit more than I care to subject myself to for an extended period of time. 93 more words


Cynicism never made anyone happy

There’s this guy I know that is cynical, angry, pessimistic and super sarcastic. I’ve tried to reason with him and share with him that there are positive things in life that he can look forward to. 260 more words

Listen to YourSelf


Slow your roll…Take a deep breath and back away…slowly…that’s it.

Have you ever had that voice inside your head scream those words!

I have. It is something convicting when yourself tells yourself to stop it or to slow down. 290 more words

Diedra Perry