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The Evaporating Center of the Churches of Christ

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Have you ever watched a puddle of water evaporate? It seems like nothing is happening for the longest time, and then it is gone. 653 more words


One Day Teaching Plan and Self Evaluation

I’m getting a raise! This is my one day teaching plan and self evaluation written for that to happen. Some of it may be lacking the level of detail needed for someone not teaching here, but it still shows my general plan and flow of a teaching day. 3,708 more words

When Reviewing Performance First Find a Mirror

By Chris Gandy

An area of leadership most of us seem to struggle with is objectively and constructively reviewing the performance of others. When annual performance review time comes around all of sudden our calendar becomes jammed. 405 more words

Bold Leadership

Austin - Rebooting the Challenges for Attempt #2

Back to the Beginning

It’s hard to believe that I first started this blog 5 years ago, in 2009, at the age of 24. In the intervening years I have done much more than 24-year-old-me could possibly have imagined; even better, there are many more adventures waiting for me, calling my name.  6,705 more words


Defiant, even in Victory

On this very day, I have come to a realization, an understanding……..

Having spent 35 years ( and some) on this planet,

having encountered diverse and varied tentations in my fairly short journey on earth, 133 more words

Today's Gem of Insight #8

Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that time waits for no one. For some reason we human beings tend to approach life as though we have all of the time in the world, when in reality the few years of life that we have will be up before we know it. 296 more words