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Real Talk

I have never been as discouraged about my writing as I am now.

At the same time, I’m conscious that I’m writing better stuff than I ever have before, and revising more deeply and to greater effect. 107 more words

Muyyyyy buenos dias, Houston!!

Moving to Houston

Houston. One of the “fattest” cities in America, with about 34% of residents clocking in as overweight. A concrete jungle with never-ending miles of freeway, urban sprawl as has never been seen before, and a laughable public transit system. 7,096 more words


Gratitude challenge: day 2

I’m grateful for…
1) Time
2) Vacation’s

It’s funny how we all can get caught up in the moments of going on vacation. Our tempers seem to be balanced on that razors edges, everything needs to be perfect or else. 541 more words



As mandated by HB 5, LISD published a self assessment this month grading itself on a wide variety of topics ranging from Fine Arts, Parental Communication, to Drop out prevention. 370 more words


Critical Self Evaluation ...

For the past couple of months I’ve been going through something.

I’m not sure what it is. 

I’ve been experiencing waves of emotion. Raw emotion. I don’t know exactly where I should be, but I know that I need to move on to the next place. 444 more words

Low achievers vs Hi Achievers

My Mother, God rest her soul, raised seven children and a cousin while being a full time Catholic School teacher until she retired and migrated to the U S of A, got a Nursing degree after four years of College at NYU and worked in her Nursing profession until she retired in Florida in her seventies, built her li‘l dream house with pool and continued nursing while my Dad continued playing music, Cocktail bar piano part time till Mom said ENOUGH! 230 more words

Season One

The summer is ending. Did you know that? The summer is ending, and the endings of seasons are good times for self-evaluation. So, I suppose that’s what I’ll do with this post– evaluate how winter/spring Veronicah is different from summer/going into fall Veronicah.   540 more words

My Life