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How big is yours............

Sorry for lack of posting……back to normal! Last night I was a guest at a burns supper and it was a mad dash to get in from work and back out. 186 more words

Dang You For Making Me Self-Evaluate

I was really hard on myself in school. Not so much in the subjects I knew I sucked at. Why I took AP European History, I’ll never know. 824 more words



My instant gratification has ceased..
Humorous outlooks..
Prevented salt water filled eye-ducts,
reminiscing loves lost..
No harm caused.

Perpetrating false emotions and thoughts of what used to be.. 96 more words


What's on your mind?

Your mind can be your greatest ally, but it can also be your indomitable foe. A lot depends on how you tend it and what goes into it – information and images; what you focus its power on – empowering or disempowering messages; what mood and feelings you allow it to create; and how often you allow it to… 535 more words

What Are You Worth?

What are you worth? This question can be used to evaluate different aspects of your life.

Your job for instance, are you being paid well enough for the amount of work you do? 211 more words


Buck Up It's Not That Bad

Side Note: I often reflect on a terrible time in life (mine or others) by wrapping it in positives. I think it’s in part how I process it all. 526 more words


Plentiful Days

I don’t have to live like a trained, scheduled monkey anymore. The days are packed with absolute nothingness to explore. I feel every morning is going to be an expedition, an expedition to find “that something”. 50 more words

C'est La Vie